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chafe at the bit

To be impatient and/or eager for something to happen or over some delay. Used to liken someone to an overexcited horse straining against its bit (the metal piece of the harness that fits between its jaws). The crowd chafed at the bit to see the unveiling of the new building. I've chafed at the bit for an opportunity like this my entire life!
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be chafing at the bit

To be impatient and/or eager for something to happen or over some delay. Used to liken someone to an overexcited horse straining against its bit (the metal piece of the harness that fits between its jaws). I was chafing at the bit for the game to start. After two hours of waiting in the airport lobby, we were chafing at the bit to finally get on the plane.
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chafe at (something)

To feel or express annoyance in response to something. Bruce chafed at the idea that the new hire he was training made more money than him. You could tell he was chafing at the reporter's questions, but he still declined to comment.
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chafe at something

Fig. to be irritated or annoyed at something. Jane chafed at the criticism for a long time afterward. Jerry chafed for a while at what Ken had said.
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This AD would require an inspection of the power feeder cable for evidence of chafing, and repair of any chafed power feeder cable, as well as replacement of the wiring support clip (standoff) of the power feeder cable with a new, improved wiring support clip.
It is in those areas that McClintock has chafed against the support the Republican Party leadership is giving the actor.
The writing was on the wall in the A's organization, where the likes of Rich Harden and Mike Wood zoomed by him, and Gregg chafed while he performed mop-up work or wouldn't pitch ``for three weeks.
Though none of the players was ecstatic, it wasn't as fiery as last spring, when starting pitchers Jarrod Washburn, Scott Schoeneweis and Ramon Ortiz chafed at the team's renewal terms, though Ortiz later agreed to a multiyear contract.
During the 41-day journey he finished 800 miles ahead of second place, Van Liew had to scale the top of his 80-foot mast to repair a chafed halyard (the device that holds the sail up the mast), battled a debilitating flu and had a near-collision with a killer whale.
Yet the Kings' continued complaints - about the officiating, calling Robert Horry's winning shot in Game 4 ``lucky,'' Sacramento coach Rick Adelman moaning Shaquille O'Neal crosses the line on his free throws - has the Lakers chafed.
Muslims were already angered at images of American troops celebrating Christmas in Muslim territory during the Gulf War, and another American assault on their lands - even if it was for the humanitarian purpose of restoring order to a war-torn land run by a corrupt and brutal regime - chafed even further.
WALK IT OFF: The July issue of Prevention magazine offers tips for walkers, such as avoiding caffeine and dairy food prior to a walk to prevent stomach cramps and switching to wicking fabrics such as CoolMax to avoid chafed thighs.
Business groups that long have chafed under the clean-air law argued that the EPA was setting standards without clear criteria and without considering the financial costs of complying with them.
Granada Hills residents have chafed at Los Angeles' decision to allow operator Browning Ferris Industries to expand the dump to 90 million tons of garbage on 451 acres, and have filed a lawsuit attacking the adequacy of the environmental studies.
If your boat seems undamaged or has minor scrapes, you should look for chafed lines and broken ports or hatches where rain can enter.
Dolphins at Seahawks (-3 1/2): Speaking of coach-quarterback relations, I am still steamed, peeved, chafed and piqued at the long-term treatment of one Mr.
Tom Hayden, a firebrand liberal and perhaps the Legislature's most well-known member, chafed for years under the Republican administrations of Govs.
They were badly chafed by wet clothes that had not been removed for seven months, and afflicted with saltwater boils.
Teachers unions dislike merit pay and have chafed against ``school accountability'' as envisioned by some Republicans.