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turn of the century

the time when the year changes to one with two final zeros, such as from 1899 to 1900. (Although technically incorrect-a new century begins with the year ending in 01—most people ignore this.) My family moved to America at the turn of the century. My uncle was born before the turn of the last century.
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turn of the century

The beginning or end of a particular century, as in That idiom dates from the turn of the century, that is to say, about 1900. This expression was first recorded in 1926.
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the ˌturn of the ˈcentury/ˈyear

the time when a new century/year starts: He was born around the turn of the century.
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century note

n. a one-hundred-dollar bill. (see also C-note.) I got a couple of century notes for driving these guys home from the bank.
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We have no idea whether either of these events will result in tangible gains for the Palestinians in their centurylong struggle with Zionism and the State of Israel.
THERE were celebrations in the West Midlands last month following the expiration of the centurylong curse imposed on St Andrew's by the community of disgruntled gypsies evicted to make way for Birmingham City's new home in 1906.
America's invasion of Iraq is not part of a war on terror but the final stages of a centurylong pursuit of economic empire, according to a noted professor of political geography who will deliver a keynote lecture Thursday evening in Eugene.
Welsh Labour's spokesperson on the language Delyth Evans said: ``The all-Wales picture is very good, because the centurylong decline in the number of Welsh speakers appears to have been reversed.
The statement said the movie was a visual study of a centurylong political and popular struggle for democracy in Iran and was screened in other countries.
The fifth conflict in Syria -- like the domestic citizen revolt against autocracy that reflects a regional trend -- is the centurylong tension between the power of the centralized modern Arab developmental and security state and the forces of disintegration and fragmentation along ethnic, religious, sectarian, national and tribal lines.