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the turn of the year

At or near the end of one year and the beginning of another. The turn of the year is always my busiest period as that's when our annual audit takes place. It's a little strange because their new fiscal year starts in March, unlike most companies who start theirs at the turn of the year.
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the turn of the century

At or near the end of one century and the beginning of another. At the turn of the 20th century, the introduction of factory electrification caused a huge boom in manufacturing. Scientists predict we won't see artificial intelligence that sophisticated until the turn of the century.
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century note

A United States $100 bill. In an attempt to impress his date, Fred pulled a century note out of his pocket to pay for dinner.
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turn of the century

the time when the year changes to one with two final zeros, such as from 1899 to 1900. (Although technically incorrect-a new century begins with the year ending in 01—most people ignore this.) My family moved to America at the turn of the century. My uncle was born before the turn of the last century.
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turn of the century

The beginning or end of a particular century, as in That idiom dates from the turn of the century, that is to say, about 1900. This expression was first recorded in 1926.
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the ˌturn of the ˈcentury/ˈyear

the time when a new century/year starts: He was born around the turn of the century.
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century note

n. a one-hundred-dollar bill. (see also C-note.) I got a couple of century notes for driving these guys home from the bank.
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Sobre todo, el papado ratifico esa mocion "lo que muestra la culminacion de una campana centurial por parte del clero criollo para promover la veneracion a su imagen".
The legend of the year 1000 as a turning point entered history well after the event and has been reinforced by the fears and expectations that surrounded other centurial changes.
Tim O'Brien, Chief Operating Officer of Centurial Group, an NRP Member Firm, and Bob Rafter, Attorney.
The exhibitions programme began yesterday with Names Set in Stone: The Builders of Hadrian's Wall featuring centurial stones excavated at various points along Hadrian's Wall.
Marrying off a daughter and marrying in a wife at the same time, the university especially broadcasted the centurial wedding on the front page of NCKU website, allowing the world to witness this beautiful wedding.
More writing, which names individuals, comes from tombstones, altars and centurial stones which record who was responsible for building certain stretches of the Wall.