center around

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center around (someone or something)

To focus on someone or something. But it's Beth's surprise party, not yours, so all the decorations and games should center around her and her alone. This novel centers around the protagonist's journey to self-discovery.
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center around someone or something

to make someone or something the central point in something; to be based on someone or something. Your salary increases center around your ability to succeed at your job. The success of the picnic centers around the weather next week.
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center around

1. To be primarily concerned with something: The plot of this story centers around the life of a cowboy.
2. To make or do something that is primarily concerned with something else: We centered our discussion around the problem of homelessness.
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Ted Bernstein's evergreen "The Careful Writer" (New York, Atheneum, 1972) displays center around as follows: " 'The strikers are at odds over their actual grievances, but these appear to center around the vacation provision of the contract.
Center around has slipped by the copy editors of many leading newspapers and magazines, including The New Yorker.
Credit risks are nominal and center around the City of San Antonio's heavy reliance on transfers from CPS, accounting for about 14% of CPS revenues, and the system's large 10-year capital improvement plan of about $5.
Our energies center around quickly giving customers the highest-quality, integrated products they need to lower management costs, increase control over their storage resources and quicken response time to changing business needs.
A plan was implemented to ensure customers that every Mykrolis Service & Support Center around the world follows a standard baseline model.
It is anticipated that this public Internet presence will initially center around VerticalNet's automotive community, AutoCentral.