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7 per cent of respondents said they trust columns - opinion and analysis - of local media outlets.
In Oman, most portals have presence on Twitter (94 per cent), while 88 per cent have presence on Facebook, 71.
Similarly, the board fixed import duty on volley balls at 50 per cent, basket balls 50 percent, hand balls 50 per cent, and rugby balls 50 per cent.
Durum grades are being reported as 69 per cent 1 CWAD, 28 per cent 2 CWAD and three per cent 3 CWAD.
82 per cent over same period of last year while it was recorded at 4.
6 per cent of all handsets registered on UAE networks were manufactured by Samsung, a figure that has been steadily increasing over time.
In 2005, monthly attendance among Roman Catholics was 53 per cent.
7 per cent of the GDP on health in 2001, falling behind the u.
Court Street: New food store on Court Street car park, 56 per cent in favour; new doctor's surgery and physio clinic, 97 per cent in favour; more housing overlooking canal, 96 per cent in favour; environmental improvements to Althorpe Street industrial area, 97 per cent in favour; new business units on BT site, 85 per cent in favour; better pedestrian routes from Clemens Street to Court Street, 100 per cent support.
45 per cent between 1982 and 1988, with the corresponding growth rate for the economy as a whole at 3.
The ratio of sales to listed units plummetted to 11 per cent from 20.
Completely overshadowed by a burgeoning services sector, agriculture's importance in the employment structure of both developed and developing countries has waned considerably in the post-war world while, since 1945, the share of the industrial sector has grown in 60 per cent and declined in 40 per cent of the countries surveyed in the ILO Year Book of Labour Statistics: Retrospective Edition on Population Censuses: 1945-89.
4 per cent of total turnover; down 31 per cent on day on day basis).