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cease to be

To die, expire, or no longer exist. (Used without a qualifying verb, noun, or adjective; otherwise, the cessation merely refers to said verb, noun, or adjective—e.g., "cease to be entertained.") After the recession, many of the small businesses populating the mall simply ceased to be. Without her love, I feel that I would cease to be!
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cease and desist

To stop doing something. This phrase is typically associated with legal matters. We received a letter ordering us to cease and desist due to copyright infringement, so we had to halt production.
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cease and desist

to completely stop doing something. (A legal phrase.) The judge ordered the merchant to cease and desist the deceptive practices. When they were ordered to cease and desist, they finally stopped.
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Wonders never cease!

 and Will wonders never Cease!
Prov. What an amazing thing has happened! (Said when something very surprising happens. Somewhat ironic; can imply that the surprising thing should have happened before, but did not.) Fred: Hi, honey. I cleaned the kitchen for you. Ellen: Wonders never cease! Jill: Did you hear? The company is allowing us to take a holiday tomorrow. Jane: Wonders never cease! Not only was my plane on time, the airline also delivered my luggage safely. Will wonders never cease?
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cease and desist

Stop, leave off doing something, as in: "Bliss excavated at least once on his own and Dr. Brand ... told him to cease and desist" (Douglas Preston quoting Frank Hibben, The New Yorker, June 12, 1995). This legal term is a redundancy, since cease and desist mean virtually the same thing, but often appears in legal documents to avoid possible misinterpretation. [c. 1920]
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wonders will never cease

What a surprise, as in He's on time-wonders will never cease. This expression is generally used ironically. [Late 1700s]
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ˌwonders will ˌnever ˈcease

(spoken, usually ironic) used to express surprise and pleasure at something: ‘The train was on time today.’ ‘Wonders will never cease (= I am surprised, because usually it is late).’
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At present the law provides for ceasing the membership of those MPs who do not submit asset details by September 30 every year.
The partnership rule is different; in addition to ceasing business, a partnership must continue to file tax returns as a going concern until it distributes all assets to the partners pursuant to the partnership agreement.
The target then merges into the acquiring corporation, ceasing to exist as a legal entity.
SAUGUS - A Saugus plastics manufacturer under investigation for violating environmental standards is ceasing its resin-manufacturing operation in hopes it will no longer face environmental regulations, company attorneys said.
By ceasing the resin operation, Keysor officials said they would not be subject to strict environmental guidelines as they have been in the past and therefore should not have to worry about compliance issues.
The affiliate announced in July that it is ceasing operations.
IRVING, Texas, July 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Braniff International Airlines today announced that it is ceasing all operations and will stop all regularly scheduled flight service, effective tonight.
the "Fund") today announced that as a result of the August 29, 2005 announcement by the Ontario Ministry of Finance to eliminate its provincial tax credit for investors in labour sponsored investment funds ("LSIFs"), the board of directors of the Fund has decided to cease distribution of the Fund's Class A Shares as soon as possible and to review the Fund's options for ceasing current operations as soon as practical.
2000-5 holds that an A reorganization must result in a single acquiring company acquiring a target's assets under state merger law, and the target ceasing to exist.
Although UAL operates a hub at DEN with a combined 63% passenger market share, DEN's 57% origination and destination (O&D) traffic are expected to remain stable in the event of UAL ceasing operations.
Zapata Corporation (ZAP: NYSE) announced today that two of its subsidiaries are ceasing operations.
Ceasing operations at the Portsmouth plant will result in special charges of $125 million in fiscal 2000.
Gregoire concluded the letter by demanding that the firms avoid additional violations by ceasing to sell bidis in Washington altogether.
TVG's ceasing fresh tomato processing at Plant 4 will affect approximately 425 predominantly seasonal employees.