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cavil at (one)

To complain to one about someone or something, especially in a way that one finds annoying. If you hate your job so much, quit caviling at me about it and look for a new one!
See also: cavil

cavil at someone

to find fault with someone; to complain about someone constantly. Will you never cease caviling at all of us? There is no need to cavil at me day and night!
See also: cavil
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For a decade, they have been to free to criticise and cavil from the opposition benches.
No preview DVDs were available at the time of going to press, but the final battle will rage as Adama's small army attempts to rescue Hera from Cavil and the Cylons.
It might seem cavil, but a major hitch in an otherwise excellent night was the band's cramped seating arrangement on the stage.
There are other minor quibbles: confusion is likely to be caused by not making a sufficient distinction between the glume wheat spelt and other (but free-threshing) breadwheats; botanists will cavil that Clarkia (Onagraceae) and Wyethia (Compositae) referred to on p.
This book is a fitting (if overly reverential) testament to the struggle of two tenacious but talented practitioners whose significant legacy has been overlooked for too such a My principal cavil is that in presenting such a sepia-tinted retrospective, it glosses over the perilous current condition of so many surviving GKC buildings.
We have already seen a huge demand," said Olivier Cavil, head of communications at Perrier-Jouet.
One minor cavil is that, although the endnotes to the book are copious and painstaking, there is no final bibliography.
But it's impossible to argue with perfection of craft, and the dances committed to film by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are, quite simply, beyond cavil.
One cavil (and I'm sure you've already heard this from many others): It isn't a clarinet.
However, I had to cavil (okay, find fault) at one point when I read in the press release accompanying the leaflet that, while a heat wave in France probably 'resulted in 15,000 excess deaths', the chance of something similar happening in Britain is 'very low, and less than 0.
He ends by saying, "His human stature seemed beyond cavil anywhere in the temporal world he served with such zealous spiritual devotion.
These cover most of the gamut of public debate, and while some may cavil at some topics, the balance is fair, with at least two sides being presented in all cases.
This cavil notwithstanding, theological educators should find many if not all the essays worth their time.
That lead the marginalized people to carry arms that were since 1955 when the cavil war in the South had started.
This, though, is to cavil, and to cast an unnecessarily unfavourable light on this attractive and timely repackaging of an unrivalled classic of Burgundian studies.