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Causer at court " One stamp landed on Sophie's forehead, another hit the side of her head and the third penetrated her right eye, splitting the eyeball in two.
The judge at the Old Bailey told Causer his victim's life was shattered.
However, Pollock decided to go instead, said Mr Causer.
Causer, of Fryatt Street, Barry, admitted burglary and had another similar offence on his record in 2000.
An award-winning engineer, Mr Causer has held senior director level positions at International Design & Management Services, Lorne Stewart ,and most recently Halcrow.
Causer brings to Volvo Construction Equipment extensive experience in the marketing of mining, construction and forestry equipment on an international basis.
Prior to joining Zurich, Causer spent 10 years at AIG Oil Rig in Houston as vice president and regional manager.
James O'Connor was one of the ringleaders embroiled in the beating of popular Michael Causer at a house party in Huyton, in July 2008.
Mark Causer, welfare reform specialist at whg, said: "We want to reward those who make positive financial choices.
En plus de causer le cancer, le benzene empoisonne les os, cause l'anemie et diminue les globules blancs.
The Causer family owned Spon End businesses Causer's Bakery, Causer And Son Undertakers, a coal firm, a haulage business and a horse-drawn taxi service.
A FOUNDATION in memory of the murdered teenager Michael Causer was being unveiled today in the run-up to Liverpool's first gay Pride week.
Craig McShane spotted mum Allison Causer walking through an underpass with her flatmate and thought there would be easy pickings.
Rebecca Causer, 19, was one of three women found in the area of Gilside Road, Billingham by police after an anonymous call of a disturbance.
Keith Norwood, Mandy Harriott, Dawn Taylor and Richard Causer.