cause a stir

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cause a stir

To incite trouble or excitement. My best friend's pink hair caused quite a stir at our very strict school. This band has caused a stir with teenagers all across the nation—screaming fans greet them everywhere they go!
See also: cause, stir

cause (quite) a stir

 and cause a commotion
to cause people to become agitated; to cause trouble in a group of people; to shock or alarm people. When Bob appeared without jacket and tie, it caused a stir at the state dinner. The dog ran through the church and caused quite a commotion.
See also: cause, stir

cause/create a ˈstir

make a number of people feel interest, excitement or shock: His sudden resignation caused quite a stir.
See also: cause, create, stir
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Arab News US rapper Nicki Minaj caused a stir on Twitter.
DUBAI: US rapper Nicki Minaj caused a stir on Twitter Sunday by offering to pay the tuition fees of 30 lucky fans.
New York newspapers caused a stir 2 1/2 weeks ago when it was reported that the Oakland Athletics pitcher would be interested in signing with either the Yankees or Mets, and the feeling from the teams was mutual.
The nine-month fight by Amanda's parents to raise the grades to A's has caused a stir in the Los Angeles Unified School District, all the way up to the school board.
Ichiro Suzuki has caused a stir in Seattle and across the Pacific in Japan with his fast start (.