caught up in

caught up in something

 and caught up with something
deeply involved with something; participating actively or closely in something. Wallace is caught up in his work and has little time for his son, Buxton.
See also: caught, up

(get) caught up in something

to become completely involved in something You get caught up in the excitement of the moment and don't think a lot about what happens next.
See also: caught, up
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You couldn't help getting caught up in the excitement of seeing the Beatles.
Objections to immigration reform that did surface in the media focused on the individual plights of otherwise law-abiding permanent residents caught up in the system because of minor immigration violations.
They were caught up in extraordinary times, of course, but the men and women who made the movement were not born saints and martyrs: They were, at first, just like anybody else.
As do the white characters in Brown's novel, which eschews the luxuries of demonizing to portray whites caught up in major change and moved to entertain its ramifications; Rice feels a certain guilt about "`dancin the darky business'" [26], while Diamond, the better democrat, relishes his intimacy with otherness.
Unfair, Principal Chris Clark says, because two of her best students are caught up in something not of their own making.