caught unaware

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caught unawares

To be surprised by someone or something. A: "Oh man, I was totally caught unawares when your mother showed up here this morning." B: "I figured as much when she told me that you answered the door in your robe and curlers!"
See also: caught, unawares

caught unaware(s)

surprised and unprepared. Sorry. You startled me when you came up behind me. I was caught unaware. The clerk was caught unawares, and the robber emptied out the cash register before the clerk could sound the alarm.
See also: caught, unaware
References in periodicals archive ?
What has actually happened is that people were caught unaware of the actual benefits they could get and costs of the TRAIN through inflation.
Caught unaware by Lebanon's imminent slide into the Iranian orbit, Saudi rulers hurriedly summoned Hariri to Riyadh.
They will not be caught unaware, and they will be proud to know that they were chosen to be loved.
He will not be able to exercise his democratic right of vote on the floor of the Assembly as he was caught unaware over the political developments back home.
The Government's claim that they have been caught unaware by the winter crisis in the NHS beggars belief.
You do not want to be caught unaware when disaster strikes.
Imran had thought the PPP had dissolved,' Shah said, adding the PTI chief was caught unaware by the power show by PPP in Islamabad.
According to Dr Ghabra, the Turkish act of sending military force to Qatar was a balancing act as Qatar was caught unaware of a major crisis one fine morning.
A very prominent building, Al Hallami, known as Bank of Baroda building on Hamdan Street, caught fire recently and all residents were caught unaware due to decades old rotting fire alarm.
At the Pentagon, members of the staff of defence secretary Jim Mattis appeared to have been caught unaware by Mr Trump's tweets.
Speculator was caught unaware by Atwix at Epsom last time but can gain atonement at Goodwood.
SPECULATOR was caught unaware Atwix at Epsom last time but can gain atonement at Goodwood.
It's deadly because even an experienced swimmer may not be able to defy it, unless he or she follows the strict guidelines in the event of being caught unaware, which, at first appear to be counter-intuitive.
Fellow Godolphin runner Home Of The Brave, the 7-4 favourite, made most of the running, but he was caught unaware by the Robert Havlinridden Richard Pankhurst, who gained the lead inside the final furlong and a half.
Caught unaware, some people tried to hide some places due to the heavy rain.