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  (American) also catty-cornered (American)
in a direction from one corner of a square to the opposite, far corner (often + to ) Catty-corner to the theatre, there's a drugstore.


mod. with only a slight bounce. (See the explanation at deadcat bounce. Securities markets.) We expected the stock to go up a lot today, but the increase was no better than dead-catty.
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Jocelyn Catty, Writing Rape, Writing Women in Early Modern England: Unbridled Speech
The day before, Sven, inset, had told a press conference that Nancy "didn't deserve" the catty remarks that Faria made about her.
Delia showed off a new, catty image as she called Worrall Thompson "dreadful and repulsive", described wine buff Jilly Goolden as "awful", said she hated Gary Rhodes's TV shows and dismissed chef Michael Barry as being "all sweaty palms.
Good on her, I say - it's about time the catty one shut his trap and hid those irritating teeth.
The songstress -- famed for catty tweets -- was then described as a 'precious flower'.
Stick to the music from now on Bev and Clemmie - which, by the way, was fabulous - and leave the catty comments to the likes of Joan Burnie.
Catty was so prone to transmogrifying into a dervish whirl of razor-sharp teeth and claws I often expected the vet to demand danger money, whereas Perdi - docile, even timid - is yet to draw blood.
It is not the first time he has passed some childish catty remarks against Americans, though this time he didn't describe them as Yanks, as before.
BRITAIN'S GOT TALONS Elaine Paige, left, gets catty about Susan Boyle, above
8 yuan / catty, up 21 cents / catty from last week.
If he reviewed an exhibit of paintings by David, would he use the review to make catty remarks about Gaugin and Picasso?
Catty Jodie, 27, said: "Chantelle thinks she's some kind of star now but you know what - she hasn't got any talent.