cattle market

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cattle market

1. A typically public place where one goes to find potential sexual partners. Almost always used in a negative way. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Our college's student bar is such a cattle market on the weekends. It seems like everyone I know has hooked up with at least one person there. Everyone knows that the clubs on Leeson Street are just cattle markets for single people.
2. A place or situation in which people are gathered, displayed, and appraised for their looks or abilities, akin to cattle being valued in a market. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. These summer training camps are really just cattle markets for college football recruiters to find the most promising up-and-coming players. The restaurant is an oddity, a cattle market that only hires women for their large busts.
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a cattle market


a meat market

If you describe a situation as a cattle market or a meat market, you mean that people, usually women, are being judged or chosen depending on how sexually attractive they are. The parade of beautiful girls from every nation in the world was rightly dismissed as a cattle market. It's a meat market, like a lot of nightclubs. Note: You use this expression in a disapproving way.
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KALM has presented MCC with a real opportunity to begin the whole process afresh, working hand-in-hand with concerned local residents, farmers and small businesses to ensure that Abergavenny retains its cattle market and its unique character as a market town.
Marie Greer, director for Staffordshire at Advantage West Midlands, said: 'The initiative at Leek Cattle Market heralds an exciting period of change for the better, supporting the local farming industry and bringing in more trade and visitors to help regenerate the town centre's economy.
Rugby Livestock Ltd, the company that runs the cattle market, says it is no longer viable to run it in a town centre.
If a private operator were to announce the launch of an up-to-date new market within 20 to 30 miles of Monmouthshire it could be very bad news for the future viability of a new cattle market project in Monmouthshire.
The officiating MD of cattle market Rana Akhlaq Ahmad told the Commissioner that a security company had been hired to deploy security guards while Rs.
RIYADH -- Prices of sacrificial animals are soaring as residents throng to Riyadh's cattle markets on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha.
Speakers will lecture on animal rights issues at the rally, which will take place at the cattle market in Craven Road, Rugby.
Meanwhile Brecon's cattle market is reopening amid growing concerns about plans to throw open the doors at the mountain visitors' centre at Libanus on Saturday.
Rugby Cattle Market is due to move shortly to Stoneleigh after 120 years and I wish the terrible plight of the thousands of animals sent to market never to be forgotten.
I came to Peshawar's Lala Kala Cattle Market from Nowshera with my
I REFER to the incident at Rugby cattle market where a cow escaped.
A MAN is fighting for his life after a cow escaped and went on the rampage at a Warwickshire cattle market.
MULTAN -- Commissioner Multan Division Bilal Ahmed Butt inaugurated free medical camp set up Medibank Trust at Baleel cattle market here on Tuesday.
Islamabad -- Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad has made all preparations regarding establishment of cattle market on 4,000 Kanals land in sector I-12 for sale and purchase of thousands of sacrificial on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Azha in Federal Capital.
In this cattle market sacrificial animals ranging from 0.