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Positioned diagonally from someone or something. This phrase can be used as an adverb and an adjective. Primarily heard in US. No, you know Mr. Lewis—his house is catty-corner to ours.


1. Crooked or out of alignment; askew. Your tie is all cattywampus. Here, let me fix it for you.
2. Situated diagonally from someone or something else. No, you know Mr. Jones—his house is cattywampus to ours.


mod. with only a slight bounce. (See the explanation at deadcat bounce. Securities markets.) We expected the stock to go up a lot today, but the increase was no better than dead-catty.
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His forte, after all, is to get an audience chanting "Everybody say love" just before he cuts down some deserving celebrity in the cattiest way possible.
But despite eye-popping visuals and stars Ziyi Zhang and Gong Li, "Memoirs" suffered some of the year's cattiest reviews.
Here are the cattiest comments so far, from the three series.
politics at its cattiest last week at the Biltmore Hotel.
The only problem was that he was still seeing Lizzie McGuire actress Hilary Duff, setting the stage for one of Hollywood's cattiest feuds.