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Passers-by were stunned as three sci-fi fans took to the water to catch the wave that can hit 13mph.
People who can catch the wave of innovation and channel the power of disruption to deliver the fastest solutions in our new digital world will prosper.
After conquering the ride, Burle told Surfer Today that it was pure luck and he never know when he will be able to catch the wave.
He told TV Choice magazine: "We haven't had a big hidden camera show for a while, so you just have to catch the wave.
Captain Eddie has owned Catch the Wave Charters for over 10 years, and his office is located strategically at Walkin Marine Marina.
The tides were so fierce, the British number one needed to be towed by jetski to get up enough speed to catch the wave.
RF: I think the role of any foundation is to catch the wave of innovation and expedite it.
And if you want to really catch the wave and achieve the tightest of curls -and you can't be bothered with rollers and tongs -you can always give the tried and tested method used by your granny a go.
It was probably one of the last Internet startups to catch the wave before it crashed.
Wold showed me how to position myself near the wave's peak and then I windmill paddled to build up speed to catch the wave.
Leave it to Tricia Guild, the maven of color, to catch the wave in furniture and accessories.
Buying and selling into momentum, they can accelerate moves in either direction as they pile on to catch the wave.
We've been trying to catch the wave of popularity by performing at fairs and festivals and parties.
Precisely because of its legendary disorganization, sprawling ambition, and rampant idealism, the Biennale has managed to catch the wave, and in this respect it suddenly seems more vital than ever as an arena for discovery and exchange: by its very nature, it mirrors the fractious dimensions and diversity of the new cybernetic movement - and this in a city that Marcel Proust once described as the "symbolic site of desire.
Thrash Mode requires the player to paddle out to an optimum spot, catch the wave and ride it to gather enough speed to show-off some gnarly tricks in a 2-minute span.