catch onto

catch onto (something)

1. To snag on a particular surface, item, or material, usually with frustrating or unpleasant results. Be careful so that the zipper doesn't catch onto my dress—it's silk!
2. To latch onto something, usually as is intended. You probably need to get your necklace repaired so that this little piece catches onto the clasp securely.
See also: catch

catch onto something

[for something] to snag on or get grabbed by something else. (See also onto something.) This little piece has to catch onto this gear each time it comes around. A few threads of my shirt caught onto the cactus needles and ruined the whole thing.
See also: catch
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To the visitors' credit, they were quick to catch onto the Sharks seeming indifference and took the game to the home side scoring powerplay goals from Dean Holland and Sam Zajac before Solway reacted to the situation and began to fight their way back into the game.
It took the group a few moments to catch onto the routine.
The first manufacturer to catch onto this was Taurus, who put a dedicated fingertip niche in the frame of their Millennium series pistol.
Sarfraz fumbled with the catch onto the grille of his helmet before the ball touched the ground.
The girls successfully got "two-faced" Dave kicked off in episode 4, but now the other guys are starting to catch onto the alliance that has formed.
Our quarry seem to catch onto us after a while and we alternate jig size to keep them guessing.
Some of Felix's overseas friends were also slow to catch onto the prank, although were relieved to find the moggy would be sticking around.
He believes his is the first leisure centre in Wales to catch onto the craze, which started in America after the devices were launched in 2010.
These agents must be able to pass unnoticed in mosques, bazaars and cafes, and have an ear for local dialects, street talk and inflections, so as to catch onto dangers through innuendo.
After a few minutes the candyfloss emerges and swirls, cobweb-like, around and above the ring, ready for you to catch onto a stick (that was the idea, but ours kept falling off).
When the kite starts bobbing, they jump up and fight like crazy to haul their catch onto shore.
The purity of the drugs he sold was very low and it makes one wonder how long the addicts would have taken to catch onto this.
Rick Salinas, the casino general manager, said, 'We hope our Barona guests catch onto the excitement of our themed weeks as the entire casino will come alive with our Party Pit activities.
Oregon coaches didn't catch onto Huff until late in the recruiting process, and they only noticed him while watching highlights of Dontae Williams, a running back from Aldine who would also sign with the Ducks.
It took about two minutes for whole group to catch onto the game, and another minute or two for a few kids to "offer a sit.