catch onto

catch onto (something)

1. To snag on a particular surface, item, or material, usually with frustrating or unpleasant results. Be careful so that the zipper doesn't catch onto my dress—it's silk!
2. To latch onto something, usually as is intended. You probably need to get your necklace repaired so that this little piece catches onto the clasp securely.
See also: catch

catch onto something

[for something] to snag on or get grabbed by something else. (See also onto something.) This little piece has to catch onto this gear each time it comes around. A few threads of my shirt caught onto the cactus needles and ruined the whole thing.
See also: catch
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He believes his is the first leisure centre in Wales to catch onto the craze, which started in America after the devices were launched in 2010.
After a few minutes the candyfloss emerges and swirls, cobweb-like, around and above the ring, ready for you to catch onto a stick (that was the idea, but ours kept falling off).
Naturally, the sooner small people catch onto this the better"
At first, the healthcare industry was slow to catch onto changes in information technology, making the adoption of electronic healthcare records difficult until the US government intervened more in the field over the last 10 years.
But hundreds of Twitter users evidently didn't catch onto the intended parody, responding with remarks fervently defending Obama and chastising the Republican party for its pettiness.
The purity of the drugs he sold was very low and it makes one wonder how long the addicts would have taken to catch onto this.
Rick Salinas, the casino general manager, said, 'We hope our Barona guests catch onto the excitement of our themed weeks as the entire casino will come alive with our Party Pit activities.
Whether it's X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing gossip, cybercriminals catch onto these trends and poison search engine results, which can leave users at risk of clicking on an infected link.
Oregon coaches didn't catch onto Huff until late in the recruiting process, and they only noticed him while watching highlights of Dontae Williams, a running back from Aldine who would also sign with the Ducks.
Office business parks, on the other hand, have been slow to catch onto these first signs of optimism.
Aa What took the Church of England so long to catch onto the Caterpillar scandal?
The choreography was easy to catch onto because it was a lot like Shane Sparks' style.
Once students catch onto the concept, they share their own observations.
The United States has yet to catch onto soccer -- the world's most popular sport that dominates the attention of sports fans in Europe, Africa and Latin America.
The move towards net zero homes is not an entirely new concept, she says, and Canada is just now starting to catch onto a trend that has global appeal.