catch (one) off guard

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catch (one) off guard

To engage, take advantage of, or seize upon one when one is not especially careful, vigilant, or prepared for danger or surprises. He's got a lot of tricky moves, so make sure he doesn't catch you off guard! The soldiers moved in quickly, hoping to catch the enemy troops off guard. I think I caught him off guard when I told him I was resigning.
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catch someone off guard

 and catch one off (one's) guard
Fig. to catch a person at a time of carelessness. Tom caught Ann off guard and frightened her. She caught me off my guard, and my hesitation told her I was lying.
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catch off guard

see under off guard.
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catch somebody off (their) ˈguard

happen when somebody is not prepared: The question caught him off his guard and he couldn’t answer.Businesses were caught off guard by the sudden rise in interest rates.
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The Aston Villa winger has gone from regular fan to fan's favourite in double quick time, and admits some of the trappings of fame still catch him off guard.
But on Sunday evening, it was their turn to catch him off guard with a surprise going-away party for the 33-year-old Sylmar Democrat, who will be sworn into office as the new 39th Assembly District's representative Dec.