catch hell

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catch hell

To receive the brunt of another's anger, often through scolding. If I get home past curfew again, I'm really going to catch hell from my parents!
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catch hell (about someone or something)

 and get hell (about someone or something); catch hell (for something)
to be scolded (about someone or something). This isn't the first time Bill's caught hell about his drinking. We knew we were gonna catch hell when Ma saw how we'd ruined her garden. Somebody is going to catch hell for this!
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catch/get hell

  (American & Australian informal)
if you are going to catch hell, someone will be very angry with you We're going to catch hell when she finds out we used her car.
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Nobody has bothered to try to figure out why black women, who in my world catch hell, have the lowest rates of suicide," he said.
Bone Broke and Catch Hell Blues are gut-teral and timeless, but You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do What You're Told), a simply stunning song, shows that the band can now take their place at American music's very small top table.
A Martyr For My Love For You broods magnificently, the sweetly addictive Little Cream Soda gives surf rock a sheer metal edge, while the squealing guitar on Catch Hell Blues sounds like ancient bluesmen Lightning Hopkins and Elmore James duelling on one-string axes.
In the paradiegesis opening the speech, Malcolm X draws heavily upon several of his favorite rhetorical techniques, including epimone and palilogia, repeating his questions and phrases in order to create devastating antitheses, as in this example: "You don't catch hell because you're a Baptist, and you don't catch hell because you're a Methodist.
And any member of Congress who resists the Istook altar call is certain to catch hell from the Religious Right's minions.
Roberts is the author of many books, including Claim Your Inheritance, If You're Going Through Hell, Don't Stop; and If You Catch Hell, Don't Hold It.