catch eye

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catch someone's eye

 and get someone's eye 
1. Fig. to establish eye contact with someone; to attract someone's attention. The shiny red car caught Mary's eye. When Tom had her eye, he smiled at her.
2. Fig. to appear and attract someone's interest. A small red car passing by caught my eye. One of the books on the top shelf caught my eye, and I took it down to look at it.
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catch somebody's eye

also catch the eye of somebody
to attract someone's attention Out of all the beautiful things in the garden, the fountain was what really caught my eye. It's a good car, but it doesn't catch the customers' eye.
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catch somebody's eye

1. to be noticed by someone because you are looking at them She lit a cigarette while he tried to catch the waiter's eye.
2. to be attractive or different enough to be noticed by people There were lots of dresses to choose from, but none of them really caught my eye.
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we'd catch eye contact throughout the long flight and he'd hit me with "It's cool.
Other groups of people included in the scheme would find the loss of sight particularly difficult so special care needs to be taken to catch eye disease early.
Johnston pair catch eye RICHARD FAHEY'S Lord Aeryn was one of only two runners with previous racecourse experience in the 6f juvenile maiden at Ayr but was made to work hard by two Mark Johnston newcomers, Bahraj and Always Dazzling, to justify strong pre-race support.
Not injured SHANE LONG (Reading, 29): Sub's header was cleared off line, had penalty claims at death LEON BEST (Coventry, 90): Scored volley at Derby but hosts bounced back to win 2-1 ANTHONY STOKES (Hibs, 90): Booked in derby draw at Hearts but failed to catch eye
Tall, defensive player who might catch eye of foreign scouts.