catch breath

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catch one's breath

Fig. to struggle for normal breathing after strenuous activity. The jogger stopped to catch her breath. It took Jimmy a minute to catch his breath after being punched in the stomach.
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catch your breath

to stop for a short time to rest or think about something We needed to catch our breath after she told us the news. She sat down on a rock to catch her breath after climbing to the top of the hill.
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catch your breath

1. to stop breathing for a moment because something surprises or frightens you I caught my breath when I saw the scar on her face.
2. to rest for a moment after doing physical exercise and wait until you can breath regularly again She stopped to catch her breath at the top of the hill.
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catch (one's) breath

To rest so as to be able to continue an activity.
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In his eagerness to finish the contest, Reid inflicted a low blow which saw proceedings halted for Adamovitch to catch breath.
The visitors barely had time to catch breath before Williams masterminded the second goal with a pass which Brodie drove home from 15 yards.
It keeps building before a slight pause to catch breath and then bang, it hits you right in the chops.
I decided I would not carry on milking cows past my 50th birthday,' explains the man who became president of the NFU four months ago and has hardly had the chance to catch breath since.
cult to catch breath at Villa in recent months, what with managerial changes, FA Cup adventures and the familiar frustration of a relegation battle.
Nobody among the 11,859 crowd was allowed to catch breath in a frenetic opening 45 minutes, which also saw both Bradford manager Phil Parkinson and assistant Steve Parkin sent to the stands for their part in a mass melee.
Tony Bennett provided a moment to catch breath before more from Annie Lennox, a spot of Sir Cliff and then, of course, Ozzy.
Then, before he could catch breath, there was his managerial debut against former club Hibs - and a whole series of coincidences since.
AT last thousands of A-level students have gained the necessary grades and accepted their places at university, so now is an ideal opportunity to catch breath and look forward to college life and, of course, putting in some serious study.
ROBERT ELSTONE has barely had chance to catch breath since he took his new role, but he has been quick to pay tribute to those who have helped make the switch seamless.
The break provided a chance to catch breath and ponder the fact that the next goal really was crucial.
In normal circumstances, the weekend would provide much needed chance to catch breath, but the chance would be a fine thing for the Blues, who have now crossed the border to play River Plate - champions of Argentina on 33 occasions - in Edmonton.