casting couch

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the casting couch

A phenomenon in which prospective employees (typically females) are propositioned for sexual favors in exchange for promised employment or career advancement. The practice is most associated with the entertainment industry, and the term refers to the actual piece of furniture in a casting director's office where such encounters may occur. According to many accounts, the casting couch is alive and well in Hollywood.
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the ˈcasting couch

(informal, humorous) used to refer to a situation in which somebody, especially a woman, agrees to have sex with somebody else in order to get work in a film/movie, TV programme, etc: the Hollywood casting couch for starlets
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casting couch

n. a legendary couch found in the offices of casting directors for use in seducing young people by offering them roles. They say the director got his job on the casting couch, too.
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Fabulous" Entertainer Paul O'Grady "The people who suffer from the casting couch are the really pretty ones.
While Bollywood has long been known for the casting couch and unwelcome sexual advances, sometimes the names it throws up can be shocking.
IS there a better casting couch for James Bond baddies than RWC 2015?
AMAN VERMA He was a top draw on TV till his career took a downturn after a casting couch controversy in 2005.
The general star struck public could be admitted and for a small fee be given advice of breaking into show biz via the casting couch or free legal advice in the current absence of legal aid.
Whenever Ior gay parts something It is purely fictional, but writer Wright has interweaved some wonderful elements into the script including takes on the casting couch and focus groups, while director Nicholas Hytner merges on-stage action with film footage to great effect.
The game-for-it blonde bombshell also presents a casting couch in London where she invites fans to romp with her on camera.
THE PROVERBIAL casting couch is the central object in Larry Clark's Impaled, the most compelling of the seven short films in the "art-porn" compilation Destricted (screening May 13 and 17 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music).
You know I've never had a casting couch proposition in my life.
Hollywood golden girl Goldie Hawn last night revealed how she was taken advantage of on the Tinseltown casting couch as a young actress.
THE casting couch is alive and well, creaking under the weight of nubile wannabes and seedy movie moguls as starlets still sleep their way to fame, says author Jackie Collins.
This is just a short note to correct a mistake made over and over for the past 40 years, including by Damien Cave ("Castro's Casting Couch," April): When he was over-thrown by Fidel Castro in 1959, Fulgencio Batista never came to the United States.
Bach frankly discusses Hart's affairs with men and quotes sources who aver that Hart was not above reaping the benefits of the casting couch.