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SCHOOL CAST Lots of adventure is in store for you this school year, Pisces gal.
Critics have, however, cast lots of doubt in the new Kiir administration, with many arguing that the semi-autonomous regime will still bring back its loyal cadres and much- anticipated changes could be a myth, than reality.
THE Bible records that as Jesus hung on the cross, the Roman soldiers did not divide his clothes but, as it was woven in one piece, cast lots to determine who should keep it.
How that must have reminded him of Psalm 22: "They divide my garments among them; they cast lots for my clothes.
Those 120 or so Christians chose two of their number and cast lots to determine that Matthias would join the Twelve.
She was keen to give the cast lots of freedom and the fact they have no pre-show nerves is testament to her approach.
Over a millennium later, the Roman soldiers at Christ's crucifixion cast lots for his garment, considering it a prize because "it was of one piece, woven from the top throughout.
A fabulous set, with a revolving tree stump at its centre gives the cast lots of opportunities for running around, hiding from each other and takes the tiny Thumbelina on her adventure through the countryside to a swamp, a mouse's hole, and moles' burrow.