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As he dutifully states in his preface, Kucher plans to subject nineteenth-century Austrian writers to a 'Relekture' (9), a rereading that hopes to cast light upon what he refers to as the contradictory nature of such widely used categories as Biedermeier, and Restoration-Vormarz-Nachmarz.
Loudon's purpose in writing this work appears not, however, to have been to cast light upon how puerperal fever was understood at a time when it was prevalent, but rather to step back and take full advantage of his own medical background, and the benefit of hindsight to give an overview of the disease from a modern medical perspective using modern scientific and epidemiological approaches.
Because he does not rely upon the culture of his youth, and does not aspire to spirituality, he is content to cast light upon authors who themselves are undermining everything in which he seems to believe.
The registry has cast light upon a potential medication error that could have medicolegal consequences.
So can the spectral figure of the lesbian cast light upon the lurid operations of modern culture?
This bibliography is of those works on Middle English literature (including Scots writers), other than Chaucer, in which 'linguistic description has been used to cast light upon the function of language for literary effect' (p.
Through the analysis of the last and the first of these, Whitman tries, so he says in his preface, to cast light upon `primitive metrical patterns that might underlie the three traditions' (viii).
allows Augustine to speak for himself, often simply presenting a selection of passages from Augustine's other works to cast light upon a passage in the Confessions.
The battery housing can then be rotated to cast light upon the e-reader and the flexible neck positioned to provide the desired screen illumination.
In the last three decades, and following the lead of George Rude and Edward Thompson, a host of historians -- early and modern -- have not only elaborated upon the political, social and cultural implications of riot and popular protest during the long eighteenth century, but they have done much to cast light upon those men and women who made up the crowd and who participated in the plebeian politics of popular disturbance.