cast doubt

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cast doubt(s) (on someone or something)

to cause someone or something to be doubted. The police cast doubt on my story. How can they cast doubt? They haven't looked into it yet. The city council cast doubt on John and his plan.
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References in classic literature ?
To cast doubt on the ownership of land means, in Ethiopia, the letting in of waters, and the getting out of troops.
Divers articles were traced indubitably to the house-boys, each of whom steadfastly proclaimed his own innocence and cast doubts on his fellows.
After auditors cast doubt on the company's ability to continue operations, government-owned National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ)'s future is hanging in the balance.
RONNIE O'Sullivan has snookered organisers of a tournament at the Ricoh Arena after he cast doubt over his participation.
EMILIO IZAGUIRRE has cast doubt on his has cast doubt on his future at Celtic by refusing to commit to the future at Celtic by refusing to commit to the Parkhead club.
The Kurdish Globe Fifa Vice President Jeffrey Webb has cast doubt on the future of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, claiming the tournament cannot be held there with the current level of racism in the country.
Their findings, published in the European Pain Journal, cast doubt on the notion of routinely using paracetamol as your first choice painkiller.
KEVIN KEEGAN has cast doubt on David Beckham's hopes of making another England comeback or even coping with a return to the Barclays Premier League.
Summary: Tehran on Tuesday cast doubt on the authenticity of documents published by WikiLeaks and told its Arab neighbors not to fall into the whistleblower's "trap.
The Manchester City star's Wales future remains up in the air after boss John Toshack cast doubt on his long-term role ahead of the Euro 2012 campaign.
Summary: A survey of more than 5,500 firms has cast doubt on whether the UK really did emerge from recession between July and September.
TOKYO - Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano on Friday cast doubt on the effectiveness of new policies under consideration by the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan ahead of the forthcoming general election.
Other researchers cast doubt on that idea, noting that hip joints permitting such flexibility aren't found in any related dinosaur.
EADS finance head Hans Peter Ring meanwhile cast doubt over the A380 freighter version -- UPS has 10 on order, while International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) has five The biggest buyer of the world's biggest plane, Emirates, said last month it would send its own audit team to Airbus before entering talks to address the A380's two-year delay.
Some structural engineers said the new study reinforced other, less sophisticated computer simulations that cast doubt on the safety of midlevel high-rises, especially older buildings.