cast back

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cast something back (some place)

to throw something back somewhere. I cast the fish back in the water. Cast back those stones and all the others you took from the pile.
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Look out for the boy riding the horse and Zeus throwing a lightning bolt, which you may have seen as a cast back home in Cambridge.
There will be such brutal cutbacks in services and welfare that Britain will be cast back to the 1930s.
The team of five, including producers, a musical director and choreographer - with an average age of 22 - have brought the cast back together this year to perform another musical spectacular packed full of song, comedy and dance with an extra two performances to cope with demand.
The Prime Minister said: "If we fail to act, we are looking at an almost unthinkable scenario where antibiotics no longer work and we are cast back into the dark ages of medicine where treatable infections and injuries will kill once again.
Layton and her ensemble cast back to perform in the festival the following two years.
Even if it's not going to lead to a romance, it could be the beginning of getting the "Dawson's Creek" cast back together for a reunion movie.
This series of The Jury (there was another run with an entirely different cast back in 2002) sees Walters' character Emma Watts locked in a fierce courtroom battle to free a man convicted for the violent murders of women he met on the internet.
King Kenny's rebuilt Reds blew Bolton away on Saturday with a showcase of passing football that saw minds cast back to days when the Scot wore the shirt.
The TV chef, who launched the Fish Fight campaign last week, wants to raise awareness that vast amounts of fish caught in EU waters are subsequently cast back into the sea because they are 'over-quota' fish such as cod, haddock and plaice, because they are too small or a species for which there is little consumer demand.
of applied systems, Germany) assuages fears that renewable energy cannot offer a viable option to dwindling fossil fuels, and that that people will be cast back into the Stone Age once the oil and coal are gone.
The Hollywood star has admitted the director of the original film, Adam McKay, has found it too difficult to get the original cast back together.
AFTER a painstakingly slow qualifying process which saw the first line cast back at the start of April, the Fish 'O' Mania final has finally arrived at Cudmore Fisheries, with the plethora of talent desperate to knock reigning champion Mick Bull off his perch.
Now Darren Pattinson and Tremlett, the two standby bowlers for the 10-wicket defeat, have been cast back to their counties.
Darren Pattinson and Tremlett, the two standby bowlers for the 10-wicket Second Test defeat in Leeds, have been cast back to their counties.
Australian-raised Pattinson and Trem-lett, the two standby bowlers for the 10-wicket defeat in Leeds, have been cast back to their counties.