cast a pall over

cast a pall over something

to spoil something Her illness cast a pall over the awards ceremony.
Etymology: from the literal meaning of a pall (something, such as smoke or fog or dust in the air, that makes the sky dark)
See also: cast, pall
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Joined by Romola Garai and Ben Whishaw, this episode sees Tom's death cast a pall over Freddie's birthday celebrations in the newsroom.
Many believe the government's actions cast a pall over constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.
There is little sign, "of the words smelling of the litigious lamp, of the scars of bitter theological battle, of rubbing in the noses of the vanquished, of haunting heresy, or of the West's twilight mood," that cast a pall over the Nicene creed today.
Tourism has suffered a major hit since the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and the possible war with Iraq has cast a pall over future international travel.
THE ECONOMIC DOWNTURN has cast a pall over CEO compensation, but that doesn't mean that CEO pay cuts or rollbacks are in the offing.
The 19-year-old twins now stand shoulder to shoulder with such epigones of embarrassment as Roger Clinton, whose coke-addled vocal stylings finally found an audience in the rock 'n' roll clubs of North Korea; Uncle Neil Bush, who has effectively gone missing since his role in the Silverado Savings & Loan scandal cast a pall over Poppy Bush's years in power; Patti Davis Reagan, who not only laid bare her disagreements with her father at numerous anti-nuke rallies but eventually laid bare for Playboy; and Billy Carter, whose predilection for public urination was matched only by his willingness to exploit his First Brother status to sell self-branded beer to his countrymen and arms to rogue nations.
At a time when the protracted battle over the presidential election has cast a pall over an already insecure economy, we are experiencing slowing economic growth, growing fear of reduced Wall Street bonuses and precipitous drops in both the NASDAQ and the Dow.
The Holy Office of the Inquisition cast a pall over both these lives--Teresa, because her grandfather had been a Jew and because of the untamed passion of her faith; Marie Celeste, because her father dared to pose questions for which the ancient world had no answers.
The tragedy cast a pall over the launch ceremony of a new pounds 1.
According to the Outsell study, the rapid dissolution of the dot com market, once flush with venture capital and eager to add content to their sites, has cast a pall over the News Aggregator & Infomediary segment of the market.
And the recent death of Kevin Smith, the actor who played Ares on the show, cast a pall over the crowd.
During the debates, Garcetti maintained that his leadership has been strong in the face of a series of public scandals, including the looting of millions of dollars in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the disastrous Belmont Learning Center scandal that led to the squandering of $175 million in public money, and, of course, the continuing saga of the Los Angeles Police Department scandal that cast a pall over the entire justice system.
The problems of the Barstow Veterans Home may have cast a pall over support for the efforts of other areas to establish their homes.
All the stuff that's cast a pall over the industrial cyclicals is starting to turn around.
School officials said the incident has cast a pall over the bustling campus.