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be carved in stone

To be made permanent, typically of a plan or idea. We might get brunch next weekend, but nothing is carved in stone yet.
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carve someone or something up

to damage someone or something by careless or purposeful cutting (of a person, can be figurative). Someone carved the tabletop up. Who did it and why? The boxer wanted to carve up his opponent.
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carve something from something

to shape by cutting something off or out of something with a knife. Can you carve an elephant from a bar of soap?
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carve something in stone

Fig. to fix some idea permanently. No one has carved this one approach in stone; we have several options.
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carve something into something

1. and carve something in to cut letters or symbols into something. He carved his initials into a tree. He carved in the letters one by one.
2. to create a carved object by sculpturing raw material. Ken carved the apple into a tiny snowman.
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carve something out

to hollow something out by carving; to make something hollow by carving. Can he carve a bowl out of such soft wood? He carved out the bowl of the pipe and then began to sand it.
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carve something out (of something)

to remove something from the inside of something else by carving or cutting. She carved the insides out. She carved out the insides of the pumpkin.
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carve something up

to divide something up, perhaps carelessly. The peace treaty carved the former empire up into several countries. You can't just carve up one country and give the pieces away.
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carved in stone

 and engraved in stone; written in stone
Fig. permanent or not subject to change. (Often in the negative.) Now, this isn't carved in stone yet, but this looks like the way it's going to be. Is this policy carved in stone, or can it still be modified?
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carve out something

also carve something out
1. to create a reputation, rank, or job through skillful activities She carved out a reputation for herself as a high-powered lawyer.
2. to get a part of something Those companies carved out a sizable share of the imported pasta market.
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carve up something

also carve something up
to divide something into parts The new owner carved up the company and sold off several divisions. Local leaders have carved up the forest and turned the land over to a company that built homes on it.
See also: carve, up

be carved/set in stone

if an arrangement, a plan, or a rule is set in stone, it is completely fixed so that it cannot be changed (usually negative) The rules aren't set in stone; they can be altered to suit changing circumstances. These are just a few ideas to be discussed - nothing is carved in stone.
See also: carve, stone
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