carve a niche

carve (out) a niche

To establish a unique role (for oneself), usually by excelling in a very specific area. I was able to carve out a niche at the farmers' market by selling something no one else was—dried beans. Our graphic designer really carved out a niche for himself with that series of innovative ads.
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carve a niche


carve out a niche

COMMON If you carve a niche or carve out a niche for yourself, you create a role or opportunity for yourself, especially at work, by doing a particular thing very well. In time, he carved a niche for himself as a television commentator. Some have carved out a niche in New York City's highly competitive art market, charging as much as $40,000 for their pictures. Note: A niche is a hollow area that is made in a wall to display something such as a statue or an ornament.
See also: carve, niche
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Summary: Scores of youngsters in Guwahati participated in a Rugby training camp to carve a niche for themselves.
It feels that way at first, but actually it's a niche position, somewhere you can really carve a niche for yourself.
The NPE show in Chicago this month will be an opportunity for PET bottle molders to get acquainted with a British firm that plans to carve a niche in the North American market.
His goal: To carve a niche in the imported gift industry.
marking its 40th anniversary this year, has managed to carve a niche for itself in Hollywood.