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down with his apple-cart

obsolete slang Knock him down; throw him to the ground. (Apple-cart being an antiquated slang term for a person's body.) I tell you, lads, down with his apple-cart and take what you can from his pockets!
See also: down

cart someone or something off

to take or haul someone or something away. (When used with someone the person is treated like an object.) The police came and carted her off. Let's cart off these boxes.
See also: cart, off

Don't put the cart before the horse.

Prov. Do not do things in the wrong order. (This can imply that the person you are addressing is impatient.) Tune the guitar first, then play it. Don't put the cart before the horse.
See also: before, cart, horse, put

put the cart before the horse

Fig. to have things in the wrong order; to have things confused and mixed up. (Also with have.) You're eating your dessert first! You've put the cart before the horse. John has the cart before the horse in most of his projects.
See also: before, cart, horse, put

upset the apple cart

Fig. to mess up or ruin something. Tom really upset the apple cart by telling Mary the truth about Jane. I always knew he'd tell secrets and upset the apple cart.
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cart somebody/something away

also cart away somebody/something
to take someone or something somewhere We cleaned out the garage and carted tons of stuff away. Investigators were carting away boxes of material from her office.
See also: away, cart

cart somebody off

also cart off somebody
to take someone or something somewhere Rioters smashed windows and carted off televisions, shoes, car tires, and anything else they could carry. He was carted off to jail.
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(put) the cart before the horse

to do something that should happen later before other things Barnhart is putting the cart before the horse by building a stadium before a team has agreed to play there.
See also: before, cart, horse

put the cart before the horse

to do things in the wrong order Deciding what to wear before you've even been invited to the party is rather putting the cart before the horse, isn't it?
See also: before, cart, horse, put

cart before the horse, put the

Reverse the proper order of things or events, as in Don't put the cart before the horse and give away the punch line. This expression has been used since antiquity but was first recorded in English in 1520.
See also: before, cart, put

cart off

Also, cart away. Transport or remove in an unceremonious way, as in The police carted them all off to jail, or We'll call the town to cart away this trash. This term owes its meaning to cart, a humble conveyance compared to a carriage. [Second half of 1800s]
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crash cart

n. a nickname for the hospital cart that carries equipment used to attempt to restore a heartbeat, such as a defibrilator. Get the crash cart to third west.
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honey wagon

1. and honey cart n. any vehicle used for or designed for carrying excrement: a farm manure wagon; a tank truck used to pump out septic tanks; a tank truck used to pump out airplane toilets; a portable latrine truck used in movie making. I drove a honey cart in Hollywood for a year. How’s that for glamour?
2. n. a beer truck. What time does the honey wagon bring in new supplies?
See also: honey, wagon

honey cart

See also: cart, honey
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Le port du cartable lourd en soi-meme n'est pas un facteur aggravant, mais c'est bien plus la duree et la repetition de cette attitude qui endommage la sante des enfants.
Les textes sont ecrits par Souhila Amirat qui a a son actif un recit pour adolescents, [beaucoup moins que] P'tit Omar la revolution dans le cartable [beaucoup plus grand que], dans lequel elle met en scene l'engagement de Omar Yacef dans la bataille d'Alger.
Cet opus, cede a 100 DA, comprend sept titres et explore des themes educatifs portant sur l'ecole, bien sur, le pompier, l'environnement, la grand- mere, le cartable, l'enseignant et le jour du savoir.
Le faux controleur en question, muni d'un badge de controleur en bonne et due forme, a ete arrete vers 08H00 par l'administration, quand il a tente de quitter une salle des examens oE il s'est introduit en tant que controleur, a pris une feuille des examens et l'a dissimulee dans son cartable.
Dans son intervention, il evoquera comment il a rencontre le pere d'un des enfants qui lui a remis le brouillon de la lettre soigneusement retrouve plie et range dans une poche de son cartable, 7 ans apres les faits.
beaucoup moins que] Le cadeau de cette annee sera un cartable et un trousseau scolaire [beaucoup plus grand que], a souligne la presidente, qui tient a remercier les sponsors et les benevoles pour l'aide qu'ils apportent pour la reussite de ces operations.
Au bonheur de son monde, jeune et moins jeune, il sort du cartable quelques vieux et moins vieux tubes qui ont fait de lui ce qu'il est aujourd'hui.
J'ai toujours un livre dans mon cartable et j'aime lire dans le cafe au milieu de la cacophonie quotidienne.
Lui, le carton etait son matelas, les etoiles sa couverture et son cartable son oreiller