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Yes, you may be legally entitled to dig up and cart away every single shrub in the garden - as long as the property details didn't make mention of the "well laid-out shrub borders.
With permission from the markets department at Birmingham City Council, a deal was struck with the Sparkhill firm to cart away the waste produced throughout the day when the markets trade.
That's pounds 1,820,000,000, a tidy enough sum I'd be more than happy to cart away to the bank in my wheelbarrow.
Locals have been reporting wheelie bins going missing and being used to carry whatever the scavengers can fit in them as they cart away anything from wine and face cream to nappies.
Mr Jones said he was astonished to find they used the children's wheelbarrow to cart away the tools, worth more than pounds 200, which had been bought with lottery funding.
Workers from surrounding businesses often cart away boxes of fried rice and noodles during lunch hour.
In 1991, Mugnolo not only found himself facing rising fuel costs, but also the added charge of paying someone to cart away his used cooking oil.
They also took the Wii, some DVDs, about pounds 20 in a cash tin and one of the residents' disability trolleys, which they may have used to cart away the stuff.
VENTURA - The morning after the Ventura County Fair officially closed for the season, the parking lot was retaken by trash-scavenging sea gulls and semitrucks preparing to cart away the carnival rides and booths.
They built the causeway across Llyn Llydaw to cart away the valuable mineral.
There are dozens of nonprofit groups that are more than happy to come to your house or apartment and cart away stuff you don't want.