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This summer, Tisdale has played mostly receiver, and converted linebacker Torey O'Brien (who didn't carry the ball at all last season) appears to have secured the starting tailback spot heading into fall practice.
Offensive coordinator Norm Chow is amused by thoughts he prefers to pass the ball and grudgingly let tailback Sultan McCullough carry the ball 39 times last week against California.
needed Hejduk to carry the ball deep into the attacking end and serve it into the box.
The durable Kawamoto, replacing standout Loren Cerny, was Camarillo's only running back to carry the ball.
In this offense, the fullback's not going to carry the ball a lot, so we're looking for a guy who's half lineman, half receiver.
The splint forces Foster to carry the ball with his left hand, and he is expected to split time with freshman Akil Harris against Arizona on Saturday.
They're trying hard, but they haven't quite figured out how to carry the ball into the end zone.
Defensive back Ray Carmel, a running back in high school, was recruited to carry the ball, and when he struggled to run inside with consistency, the Raiders turned to Evans off the bench, and the powerful sophomore rushed for 84 yards and one touchdown.