carry away

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carry someone away

[for someone or something] to cause a person to lose control. The excitement of the parade carried us all away. The fervor of the speech carried away the whole crowd.
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carry someone or something away

to take or steal someone or something. Someone carried our lawn furniture away while we were on vacation. The kidnappers carried away the child when no one was looking.
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carry away

Move or excite greatly. This expression is usually used in the passive, be carried away, as in The eulogy was so touching we were carried away, or Take it easy; don't get carried away and overdo. [Late 1500s]
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carry away

1. To pick something up and move away with it: The garbage collectors carried away the trash. I forgot to tie the canoe to the dock, and the river carried it away.
2. To steal something: The looters carried away everything in the store. The thieves carried the diamonds away.
3. To be moved to excess or be greatly excited. Used chiefly in the passive: The lovers were carried away by desire. Don't get carried away with the frosting; we need to save some for the other cake.
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As the jets disintegrate, they form about 100 daughter droplets that collectively carry away one-third of the original droplet's charge but just 0.
A helicopter and two ambulances were called to carry away the injured.
Meanwhile, there is a fascinating twist to the story of water with activated hydrogen: Every day, five to ten thousand people travel to a spring in the Central Mexican village of Tlacote to carry away containers of its water which has been found to improve the health of people suffering from a wide range of illnesses, from AIDS to diabetes, and from respiratory disease to osteoarthritis.
Crews are making use of front-end loaders, bulldozers, vacuum trucks, skimmers and dump trucks to carry away the excess oil.
Since the air flow can carry away less water vapor at the bottom than at the top, the garment dries from the top down.
Photo: Rwandan refugees carry away a body at a makeshift refugee camp south of Kisangani, Zaire.
A hydrogen atom results if, during that short time, the electron can slip to a lower orbit and the system can emit a photon to carry away the excess energy.
The escaping blobs would carry away angular momentum, meaning the galaxy would spin down while shrinking its extended disk.
Convection currents bring fresh chemical fuel into the flame's luminous combustion region and carry away hot products, giving the flame its distinctive profile.