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carry (one) (somewhere)

To accompany or escort someone to a certain location or event. It's already dark out, so be a gentleman and carry that gal home.
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carry (oneself)

1. To walk or move in a certain physical manner. If you carried yourself with better posture, you might not have such back pain. Self-conscious of her height, she always carries herself erect to seem taller to others.
2. To act, behave, or conduct oneself socially or in public (i.e., as pertains to grace, etiquette, speech, grooming, body language, etc.). Always be aware of how you carry yourself when in polite company. The way he carries himself in public belies his strict upbringing.
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1. in. to carry drugs on one’s person. (Drugs.) If you get busted while you’re carrying, you are in big trouble with the man.
2. n. drugs carried on the person as an emergency supply in case of arrest. (Underworld.) The cops found my carry, and I spent three days in the clink climbing the walls.
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This report quantitatively examines the components of change in the market by looking at historic and future growth patterns including how changes in consumers' behaviour have affected the retail sector for different product categories through Cash and Carries and Warehouse clubs.
Arcadia 54, Glendale 18: Troy Ahmaz rushed for 157 yards and three touchdowns on eight carries to lead the Apaches (4-3, 3-1) in a Pacific League romp.
When an S corporation carries on business in Canada through a PE, the use of a ULC can reduce the effective tax rate, by allowing the S shareholders access to foreign tax credits that would not be available if the S corporation had used a regular Canadian corporation.
At a cost of three planes for $3 million, the Perseus venture carries a relatively economical price tag, says Langford.
Overview of the Cash and Carries and Warehouse Club Stores market in the Emerging Europe.
Sean Westgate added 62 yards on 12 carries, including a 10-yard TD.
Therefore, an S corporation will only be subject to full Canadian tax on its business profits if it carries on business in Canada through a permanent establishment.
1 Product Group Growth Dynamics in Cash and Carries and Warehouse Clubs
Flintridge Prep's Vach Goldstein rushed for 190 yards on 28 carries, but his two touchdowns were nullified by holding penalties.
It carries any remaining NOL to the year preceding the NOL year.
Antelope Valley running back Andre Crenshaw was held in check most of the game, rushing for 68 yards on 20 carries.
Devin Lucien rushed for 104 yards on 14 carries for Northridge.
Rosamond 26, Bell-Jeff 12: Spencer Rodney ran for 221 yards on 28 carries for Rosamond (6-5) in an upset of fourth-seeded Bell-Jeff of Burbank (9-2) at Burroughs High.
Drew carried 12 times for 105 yards, White had 12 carries for 87 yards, and Markey ran 10 times for 41 yards.