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brush (something) under the carpet

To ignore, deny, or conceal from public view or knowledge something that is embarrassing, unappealing, or damaging to one's reputation. The senator has been accused of trying to sweep his former drug use under the carpet. You need to stop sweeping your problems under the carpet.
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put out the red carpet (for someone)

1. Literally, to unroll a large red rug or carpet for a very distinguished or important guest to walk on. The theater put out the red carpet for the duke, who was attending the opening night of the play that evening.
2. By extension, to welcome someone with a great or elaborate display of hospitality, ceremony, or fanfare. Since Jake was their only child, Robert and Sarah always put out the red carpet for him whenever he returned home from college. We're just popping by for a cup of tea and a quick catch-up, no need to put out the red carpet!
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drug on the market

Something that is not in great demand because it is abundantly available. Mobile phones are a drug on the market these days, which is why they're so affordable.
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magic carpet

A carpet capable of propelling itself through the air, usually as people ride on it. Typically featured in fantasy stories and fairy tales. My kids love hearing fantastical stories that are full of monsters, spells, and magic carpet rides.
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under the carpet

Kept secret or hidden from view, usually due to one's misfortune or embarrassment. The phrase is typically used with the verbs "sweep" and "brush," likened to how dirt would be swept under a carpet to hastily hide it. We need to sweep this scandal under the carpet as soon as possible. I was so mortified by my mistake that I immediately tried to brush it under the carpet.
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call someone on the carpet

 and haul someone on the carpet
Fig. to reprimand a person. (When done by someone of clear superiority. Haul is stronger than call.) One more error like that and the big boss will call you on the carpet. I'm sorry it went wrong. I really hope the regional manager doesn't call me on the carpet again.
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*red-carpet treatment

Fig. very special treatment; royal treatment. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I love to go to fancy stores where I get the red-carpet treatment. The queen expects to get the red-carpet treatment wherever she goes.
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roll out the red carpet

 (for someone)
1. Lit. to unwind a roll of red carpet for someone important to walk on. The city council decided to roll out the red carpet for the visit of the foreign prince.
2. Fig. to give someone treatment befitting royalty. The citizens of the small community enjoyed rolling out the red carpet for important visitors.
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sweep something under the carpet

1. Lit. to hide dirt by brushing it away under the edge of a carpet. He was in such a hurry with the cleaning that he just swept the dirt under the carpet. She swept the dirt under the carpet, hoping no one would find it.
2. Fig. to hide or ignore something. You made a mistake that you can't sweep under the carpet. Don't try to sweep it under the carpet. You are wrong!
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sweep something under the carpet

to hide something embarrassing sweep something under the rug The problem is usually ignored or swept under the carpet.
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roll out the red carpet (for somebody)

to give a special welcome to someone important This city has rolled out the red carpet for women's fashion buyers and the media.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of red carpet ( a thick red covering for a floor or other surface that is put down for important guests to walk on)
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on the carpet

to be in trouble with someone in authority He's going to be on the carpet for his rudeness.
See sweep under the carpet
See also: carpet, on

roll out the red carpet

to give an important person a special welcome The red carpet was rolled out for the President's visit.
See also: carpet, out, red, roll

sweep something under the carpet

  (British, American & Australian) also sweep something under the mat/rug (American & Australian)
to try to hide a problem or keep a problem secret instead of dealing with it The incident has forced into the open an issue that the government would rather have swept under the carpet. The evidence was on film and the police couldn't just sweep it under the rug.
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call on the carpet

Summon for a scolding or rebuke, as in Suspecting a leak to the press, the governor called his press secretary on the carpet. This term began as on the carpet, which in the early 1700s referred to a cloth (carpet) covering a conference table and therefore came to mean "under consideration or discussion." In 19th-century America, however, carpet meant "floor covering," and the expression, first recorded in 1902, alluded to being called before or reprimanded by a person rich or powerful enough to have a carpet.
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drug on the market

A commodity whose supply greatly exceeds the demand for it. For example, Now that asbestos is considered dangerous, asbestos tile is a drug on the market. The use of the noun drug in the sense of "something overabundant" (as opposed to a medicine or narcotic) dates from the mid-1600s, but the first record of the full expression, put as drug in the market, dates only from the 1830s.
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red carpet

Honorary treatment, lavish hospitality, as in We'll have to get out the red carpet for the President's visit. This term comes from the literal practice of rolling out a carpet to welcome a royal or other esteemed guest, and indeed is often put as roll out the red carpet. [Early 1900s]
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laugh at the carpet

in. to vomit; to vomit on a carpet. Tom bent over and laughed at the carpet, much to the embarrassment of the entire group.
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on the carpet

1. In a position of being reprimanded by one in authority: was called on the carpet for cheating.
2. Under discussion or consideration: Important matters will be on the carpet at today's meeting.
See also: carpet, on

roll out the red carpet

To welcome with great hospitality or ceremony.
See also: carpet, out, red, roll
References in classic literature ?
Father Brown, who had been looking dully at the carpet, lifted his round face and said: "What do you mean?
The two stains did correspond, but the carpet has been turned round.
He was only a boy, as she was only a girl--two young things on the threshold of life, house- renting and buying carpets together.
Dorothy knew at once it was a magic carpet she beheld, and her heart beat high with hope and joy as she realized she was soon to be rescued and allowed to greet her dearly beloved friends of Oz--the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion.
At a sufficiently delicate sign, the police gathered round the large man to lead him away; but their unobtrusiveness was somewhat staggered by the remarkable appearance of Father Brown, who was on his hands and knees on the carpet in the doorway, as if engaged in some kind of undignified prayers.
You will remember my speaking of a stain on the carpet in Mrs.
Well, in almost every room," answered Nancy, frowning suddenly at the thought of that bare little attic room where there was no carpet.
What causes respectable parents to take up their carpets, set their houses topsy-turvy, and spend a fifth of their year's income in ball suppers and iced champagne?
When the baby was put on the carpet and its little dress tucked up behind, it was wonderfully charming.
It being Sunday, the four were free from work, and they had come early, to work harder than on any week day, washing walls and windows, scrubbing floors, laying carpets and linoleum, hanging curtains, setting up the stove, putting the kitchen utensils and dishes away, and placing the furniture.
The carpet to be laid down on the stairs, as before.
He stood on the carpet in the middle of the room, clutching his hat and stick in one hand; the other hung lifelessly by his side.
So you would carpet your room - or your husband's room, if you were a grown woman, and had a husband - with representations of flowers, would you?
Mr Fledgeby's carpet, I dare say,' replied the smiling lady.
So long as the shaking lasts, and the two parties are kept the carpet's length apart, it is as innocent an amusement as can well be devised; but when the folding begins, and the distance between them gets gradually lessened from one half its former length to a quarter, and then to an eighth, and then to a sixteenth, and then to a thirty-second, if the carpet be long enough, it becomes dangerous.