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have carnal knowledge of someone

Euph. to have had sex with someone. (Formal or jocular.) She had never before had carnal knowledge of a man.
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Se trata, como explican al inicio Sanchez Garcia y Spencer, de lograr un conocimiento corporal a partir de una etnografia carnal, y ello implica asumir el cuerpo como sitio y mediacion de la experiencia y ademas no rehuir a las incomodidades corporales, sean las mismas recibir golpes o poner en duda el habitus masculino occidental.
If the postmodern definition of freedom requires the unrestricted satisfaction of carnal desires and the removal of obstacles before these desires, this naturally entails consumption, disposal and the possession of objects: delicious meals, expensive cars, extravagant vacations, opulent yachts, mansions, luxurious clothes, entertainment at special places, etc.
Assume the accused has been convicted of an offense to which MRE 412 applies, for example, rape and carnal knowledge.
Wagner's libretto couldn't be more straightforward: After a period of carnal dissipation in the company of Venus, our indecisive hero, Tannhauser, finds himself back in chaste Wartburg.
Six months, six days and six hours after the incident, the teens are once again brought to the scene of their carnal ramp to confront Aaron and the thing that is ripping its way through Cindy.
What a shabby trick to relate something as carnal as shopping to Jesus Christ.
It's raw and carnal stripped-down punk rock and roll, with a newer version of Crime's "hit" "Hot Wire My Heart," a cover of Sonic Youth's "Pacific Coast Highway," and the other 10 songs ain't too shabby either.
Focusing on five of these texts, in her dense and allusive style, she attempts to demonstrate that in the philosophical and Biblical traditions there is a persistent idea that it is impossible to find the divine except through engagement with the flesh, through carnal desire, eros.
The sex-infused WB network cut a playful same-sex smooch from the March 29 pilot of The Bedford Diaries, a show about the carnal adventures of New York college students.
The newest scent from Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, Carnal Flower, used tuberose to create a fragrance that is very close to the natural scent of the Mexican herb.
At once classicizing and barbaric--looking at it face on, I thought of Michelangelo's unfinished, rough-hewn masterpiece Rondanini Pieta (1555-64)--sacred and carnal, refined and vulgar, the work brings us back to the sort of pantheistic and popular religiosity that has characterized much of Cucchi's best work.
In a movie about sex and lies it would have been appropriate to have a greater feeling of sensuality and the carnal desires that link these four people.
On the other hand, the administration at Spelman responded to the widespread racist belief that black women were carnal and immoral by nature by placing restrictions on student intake of food.
Paul calls his two streams the carnal and the spiritual.
Esta ultima significacion, creemos, va a sustentar toda la estructura de El combate de don Carnal y dona Cuaresma, y es la peculiaridad que vamos a estudiar.