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tread carefully

To delicately handle or approach a situation in order not to upset or worsen the current circumstances, which may be precarious. Tread carefully when you ask Mom whether she's going to the party. She's been acting weird about it. We need to start treading carefully when it comes to our diplomacy—we can't afford to alienate any allies.
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Heads up!

Raise your head and look around you carefully for information or something that you need to see or avoid. Heads up! Watch out for that door! Heads up! There is a car coming.
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tread ˈcarefully, ˈwarily, etc.

be very careful about what you do or say: The government will have to tread very carefully in handling this issue. OPPOSITE: throw caution to the wind(s)
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Heads up!

exclam. Look out! Heads up! Watch out for the swinging bucket!
See also: Head
References in classic literature ?
During the evening, by the light of the fire in the kitchen, Tip carefully rounded all the edges of the joints and smoothed the rough places in a neat and workmanlike manner.
When it has become cooled I will place it in a small bottle; but meantime I must watch it carefully, lest a gust of wind blow it away or scatter it.
Very carefully he placed the Powder of Life in the gold bottle and then locked it up in a drawer of his cabinet.
To this end he examined his prison carefully, tested the heavy planking that formed its walls, and measured the distance of the hatch above him.
So now, after all its adventures, having been found, we shall never know where, by a gentleman in the days of Queen Elizabeth, having lain on his bookshelves unknown and unread for a hundred years and more, having been nearly destroyed by fire, having been still further destroyed by neglect, Beowulf at last came to its own, and is now carefully treasured in a glass case in the British Museum, where any one who cared about it may go to look at it.
By that I do not mean that the story is all true, but that by reading it carefully we can find out much about the daily lives of our forefathers in their homes across the seas.
It has been kept carefully in a pocket-book; for the one side is as clean as the other.
Preserve it carefully, then, Miss Morstan, for it may prove to be of use to us.
To this earth succeeded two feet of fine sand, which was carefully laid aside as being valuable for serving the casting of the inner mould.
Rouletabille asked me, in a low tone, to walk carefully, as we were passing the door of Mademoiselle Stangerson's apartment.
Rouletabille opened the door of his room and after we had passed in, carefully drew the bolt.
He again turned to me, his look haggard, after having carefully refastened the door, muttering some incomprehensible phrases.
Stepping carefully with her sunburnt, bare feet, the old woman conducted Levin, and moved back the fence for him by the threshing floor.
Results show that 56% of the car owning respondents said they always drive carefully while 33% said they do so sometimes, 6% they never drive carefully and another 5% did not know or did not respond.
As with all fillers weighing applications, the number and capacity of scales must be carefully selected to balance cost, accuracy and mixer cycle times, according to the company.