care tuppence

not care/give tuppence

  (British & Australian old-fashioned)
to not care about something or someone in any way (often + for ) She doesn't give tuppence for her family. You can do what you like. I don't care tuppence.
See also: care, tuppence
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Well that might happen in Jesmond where she lives, with parents who don't care tuppence about their children, but certainly where I live parents do care about their children and they are very well-mannered children in my street who have been brought up correctly.
He's willing to stay on but is determined his contribution be recognised with hard cash and couldn't care tuppence whether it's paid in Euros or sterling.
You didn't care tuppence whether she was in there for a few minutes or all night,' he added.
This generation of Geordies are just pig ignorant, they couldn't care tuppence about anybody else.
But all he did was check my meter and told me I would have to get a heating engineer, which I would not have needed if Scottish Gas had not washed their hands of all responsibility and given it out to small outfits, who don't care tuppence for people.
I can only hope that they appreciate being rewarded so well for their loyalty to the Conservatives, who don't care and will never care tuppence for those who actually produce the wealth of this country.
He didn't appear to me to care tuppence about animal welfare and I don't believe his successor Gordon Brown does either.
When most English workers don't want to do a day's work, couldn't care less, couldn't care tuppence, what they do is at least work for the money.
Should anyone with a serious interest in art care tuppence about The Da Vinci Code?
Which means the great British public will be spending the equivalent of the gross national product of a small African nation on sending messages of goodwill to people they either don't see from one year's end to the next, talk to every day of the week or don't care tuppence about.
But back to my question: Why should we care tuppence what this man writes in his Sunday column?
But a lot of people, rightly or wrongly, will regard his absolution, having behaved in such a manner, as further evidence that football doesn't care tuppence about the message it's sending out.