care to join us?

(would you) care to join me/us

An invitation for one to engage in a particular action or activity with someone else (or a group). I'm going out for a jog—care to join me? Would you care to join us for dinner tonight?
See also: care, join

(Would you) care to join us?

Do you want to join us? Tom and Mary saw Fred and Sally sitting at another table in the restaurant. Tom went over to them and said, "Would you care to join us?" Mary: Isn't that Bill and Sue over there? John: Yes, it is. Shall I ask them to join us? Mary: Why not? John (after reaching the other table): Hi, you guys! Care to join us? Bill: Love to, but Sue's mom is going to be along any minute. Thanks anyway.
See also: care, join
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We have not had much publicity and Mr Hodgson may not have heard of us - perhaps he would care to join us?