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Several species of bumblebee depend on very large areas of unbroken land and that's the situation with the carder bee.
My personal and major concern was the fact that it seemed when it got dark, everyone just went home,'' Carder said.
10, 1931, in Eugene to Clyde and Agnes Wilcut Carder.
Steve Carder said: "It was high water and we had to use a swimmer to get to him because he was under the landing stage.
Longtime Antelope Valley College football coach Brent Carder last week announced his retirement from a job he held for parts of five decades.
I shall certainly be taking a much keener interest in the buzzing visitors to my garden as of particular interest to the conservationists are the fairly distinctive Carder and the Red-Tailed bumble bee.
Simon Carder, chairman of the Incorporated Association of Prep Schools, said humanity could not progress without risk-taking.
A recent book on the subject defines magnificently the beautiful glass that has been shaped in America over the last century, since Frederick Carder - the English glass master, founded the Steuben company around 1903.
The author produced this book primarily for himself and his family to preserve his experiences during WW II aboard the carder Antietam (CV 36), which did not reach combat.
Quapaw President Sally Carder said Franklin will meet with officials of both schools during his study.
Ross of Oakland-based Leonard Carder LLP, who is representing the plaintiffs in the case.
Upbeat attitude: Football coach Brent Carder said his players appeared to have moved past Saturday's disappointing 17-9 loss to San Diego Mesa, noting that players were upbeat at Monday's practice.
Kara Beth Ann Carder and Julie Marie Lebow, both 23, were held without bail Wednesday at the Coos County Jail, police said.
Mr Carder, head of Eagle House School in Sandhurst, Berks, where boarding fees are pounds 13,140 a year, said children had to learn to take responsibility for their actions and to learn restraint.
The Museum will also open the new Frederick Carder Gallery, honoring Frederick Carder (1863-1963), glass design giant and co-founder of Steuben Glass.