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Runners should also be made aware that they retain up to two pounds of water weight at night when carbo-loading.
They're certainly not still carbo-loading at the Yukon Mining Company, the 24-hour diner known for its colorful late-night gay-for-pay clientele.
In terms of carbo-loading, you can decide what kinds of carbs will do your body the most good.
Like runners carbo-loading before a race, migrant birds eat a lot before their flights south, often doubling their body weight.
To enhance athletes' stamina and strength, the carbo-loading menu includes such hearty and delicious items as salads, barbecue chicken, lasagna, potatoes, stir-fried vegetables, as well as cakes and brownies.
It's a short flight which is just as well, since any longer and we would probably have looked like Michelin Men by the time we got to Athens from all that carbo-loading chocolate.
No new sneakers, carbo-loading, support vehicles or official sponsors.
The race weekend will include an all-day consumer expo and carbo-loading dinner the day before with live music on-site and a post-race celebration.
Fluffy of Saugus likely will be carbo-loading this morning - pancake breakfasts are a favorite for this chubby little hamster, which could make it a slowpoke against the likes of North Hollywood's Chain.