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capitalize on (something)

To take advantage of a particular opportunity or situation for one's benefit. We need to capitalize on that team's losing streak and overtake them in the standings. You finally got an interview at that company, so you need to capitalize on it, because you might not get another one.
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capitalize on something

Fig. to build on something; to exploit something, such as an opportunity of talent, to one's own benefit. Let's try to capitalize on the strength of the economy and invest for the future. Capitalize on your experience in the field and you'll do well in the interview.
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12) The primary criteria for distinguishing whether a repair cost will be deductible under section 162 or capitalized under section 263 are whether the expenditure adds value, substantially prolongs the useful life of property, or adapts the property to a new use.
33,150,000 class G seventh priority floating rate capitalized interest term notes due 2037 'BBB';
Since there was no separate asset created under the merger, National Starch contended, the fees should not be capitalized.
16,950,000 class G eighth priority floating rate capitalized interest term notes 'BBB';
In the course of its deliberations over the enactment of two separate statutory provisions modifying the treatment of certain expenditures, Congress has seemingly rejected the notion that expenditures incurred for self-created intangible property should be capitalized.
263(a) 4(e)(4)(iii) provides that costs, other than employee compensation and overhead, paid in pursuing a transaction and not exceeding $5,000, do not have to be capitalized, on a transaction-by-transaction basis.
If other courts follow it, companies are likely to find that all expansion costs must be capitalized unless plans to expand are abandoned.
The TAM holds that the removal costs must be capitalized but the encapsulation costs may be deducted currently.
Once capitalized, the REO Fund will structure financial instruments that will be used to acquire distressed assets at a significant discount to the market price.
On its 1993 and 1994 Federal returns, B deducted some of the professional fees and expenses resulting from the bankruptcy and capitalized the remaining $5,429,186.
53, producers capitalized these costs, also called exploitation costs, and wrote them off over the revenue stream--a process that took more than a decade in some cases.
The intent of Congress in enacting section 263A was to ensure that the direct and indirect costs of producing, acquiring, or holding inventory-type property for sale or resale were capitalized.
Our restructuring plans consist of the formation of several new business units that will be capitalized via Reg.
For tax years 1994-1997, T computed capitalized interest under the Sec.
In the ongoing dispute over the distinction between costs that are currently deductible and those that must be capitalized, the Tax Court dealt two blows to taxpayers who seek to deduct what they consider to be their routine costs of doing business.