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make capital out of (something)

To use something to one's advantage or profit. Prosecutors are making capital out of the defendant's conflicting stories.
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with a capital (some letter)

1. In the most extreme form or degree. I am hungry with a capital H! Let's eat! No, it's not an emergency with a capital E. I can wait until the end of the day.
2. In the most typical, formal, or traditional form. When he talks about photography, he means with a capital H. He would never think to consider pictures taken on smartphones. Well, it's not literature with a capital L, but it's still a good story.
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make capital out of

Use profitably, turn to account, as in The challengers made capital out of the President's signing a bill that increased taxes . This expression, first recorded in 1855, uses capital in the sense of "material wealth used to create more wealth."
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with a capital A/B/C, etc.

1. You say with a capital A/B/C, etc. to mean that something has a particular quality to a great extent. You mark my words, that man's Trouble with a capital `T'.
2. You say with a capital A/B/C, etc. to mean that a particular idea or concept is being understood in only the strictest sense. The British tend to see things in terms of principles with a capital P. This is art with a capital A. Note: This sense is often used slightly disapprovingly, to suggest that someone is taking something too seriously.
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with a capital —

used to give emphasis to the word or concept in question.
1991 Nesta Wyn Ellis John Major He is not a personality with a capital P, not flamboyant, not it seems an angry man.
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make ˈcapital of/out of something

use a situation or an event in a way which benefits yourself; exploit something: The media made great capital out of his careless remarks in the interview.
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with a capital ˈA, ˈB, ˈC, etc.

used to emphasize that a word has a stronger meaning in a particular situation; very: When I say he’s boring, I mean boring with a capital B!
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n. cash; money. I’m a little short of capital right now.
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Labor is more productive when more capital is added, and capital is more productive when there is more labor.
If securities that are capital assets (as defined by Sec.
Many of them are producing social capital that the rest of us profit from.
While the relationship between risk and capital management seems clear enough in principle, the question is, how does a company put that principle into action?
On June 12, 2003, the government released its 2003 budget proposals and announced its intention to defer the reduction in capital tax rates that was scheduled for calendar years 2004 and thereafter.
Later, coordinated international efforts led to the more elaborate, though still relatively simple, Basel Capital Accord, which sets forth a framework for capital adequacy standards for large, internationally active banks and serves as the basis for the risk-based capital adequacy standards currently in place for all U.
Thus, while many in this industry recognize their competitive vulnerability with regard to revenues and growth potential, few realize that competition for capital is equally important.
deSante, vice president and managing director for Moody's structured finance ratings group, "Capital Re has built a strong statutory capital base that is more than sufficient to pay claims under various stress simulations.
Capital all-stars GMAC Commercial Finance, Intel Capital, Riordan Lewis & Haden, Stone Canyon Venture Partners and SVB Financial Group have already signed up for the third annual edition of The Capital Zone.
Finally, the Service was bothered that without a change to the existing rules, an income beneficiary could receive tax-free distributions of, essentially, a portion of the trust's capital gain, while the remainder beneficiary pays the tax thereon.
By understanding the role and drivers of working capital management and taking steps to reach the "right" levels of working capital, companies can minimize risk, effectively prepare for uncertainty and improve overall performance.
If disposing of such property results in a capital loss, the foundation can subtract the loss only from capital gains, under Kegs.
But there is also no doubt that this transition to the new high-tech economy, of which rising trade is a part, is proving difficult for a large segment of our workforce that interfaces with our rapidly changing capital stock day by day.
The financial performance of Allied Capital over the past five years is the most eloquent response to Mr.