Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains

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Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains.

Prov. Genius is the quality of being exceedingly careful about everything you do. If genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains, Marilyn certainly has it. She never overlooks a single detail that needs attention.
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The capacity of this interior balloon was only sixty-seven thousand cubic feet: it was to float in the fluid surrounding it.
There was a prospect for a lad of spirit, with the blood of the early Malkinshaws (who were Rogues of great capacity and distinction in the feudal times) coursing adventurous through every vein
The unblemished reputation of the bedroom was dear to Emily, in her capacity of queen.
He has an inbred capacity for reading the riddle the right way in cases of mystery, great or small.
As the capacity of one plant to be grafted or budded on another is so entirely unimportant for its welfare in a state of nature, I presume that no one will suppose that this capacity is a specially endowed quality, but will admit that it is incidental on differences in the laws of growth of the two plants.
Later discoveries she will be good enough to leave to the pens of those persons who can write in the capacity of actual witnesses.
Capacity in China (2013) Capacity Additions in Terawatt
Options: Twin-pump system allows parallel clamp and screw movements and increases injection capacity.
From the spring of 2004 on, the world has confronted a genuine constraint, one not related to crude oil but to refining capacity.
For a change, not much new tissue capacity is planned for 2005 and beyond in North America.
Therefore, individual differences in DNA repair capacity may influence the risk of developing cancer.
While the number of components in the library remains relatively fixed, the type of drives, media, and storage racks are varied to yield the desired performance, capacity, and cost levels.
As Chinese paper makers continue to add capacity, the demand for mixed paper has jumped.
Specifically, capacity management decisions are one of the most important areas in which the industry's conventional wisdom needs to change.
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