cap off

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cap something off

also cap off something
to complete an experience in a particularly good or bad way We went to the beach, strolled around town, and capped off our visit with a fireworks display that evening.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form cap it all off: There's been bad economic news all year, and to cap it all off, now oil prices are increasing.
Related vocabulary: to top it all (off)
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Late night Independent Classics - Choose from three of the best of independent films ever to cap off your evening.
California lawmakers met with Mexico's president Thursday to cap off a trade mission with a simple message: California isn't all that evil.
A dip in the exotic Blue Lagoon will cap off their honeymoon prior to their return flight on Sunday, February 17.
Among the conditions the commission would like to see include having Waste Management cap off the existing landfill as soon as possible, replanting the area with native plants, and establishing a community advisory panel to deal with problems, Russell said.
To cap off the evening, the real brainiac will be discovered when Stein and his challengers square off at 8:15 p.
Second, those who have been convicted of two prior serious or violent offenses under ``three strikes'' are not likely to cap off their criminal career by spraying graffiti - vandalism is much more commonly the first step on the road to criminality than the destination.
Seeking signatures from their members on the countywide healthcare initiative, the American Association of Retired Persons has sent out a petition which will likely cap off the successful month long drive to place the measure before the voters in November.
These announcements cap off a year of tremendous growth for IDG Sweden, and further strengthen a market-leading family of print, online and conference offerings in Sweden, referred to by many as `the European capital of the Internet.
Back when they were still doing gigs at bars and clubs at Ventura Harbor, the members of the Simi Valley cover band Mirage would frequently cap off a set with a thumping version of the pop song ``I Wanna Sex You Up.
An elaborate Disney-produced countdown to the millennium will cap off the gala evening and usher in the new century.
An evening bash at the popular Village nightclub Life, hosted by Gallery magazine and featuring the publication's sexy centerfold feature "The Girl Next Door," will cap off the opening day.
To cap off our 1998 / 1999 Make-A-Wish campaign in this fashion will the be perfect ending to an already wonderful story, said Terry K.
This is a terrific milestone for MTV Online and a great way to cap off a fantastic year," said Matt Farber, Senior Vice President, Programming/New Business, MTV.