neato canito

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neato (canito)

(ˈnito (kəˈnito))
exclam. really fine. (HHH) Look at this! Neato canito!
See also: neato
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Sarah Al Sammak's Canito project failed to make it into the top eight of the Doha-based show.
I was prepared for both answers," she said of the decision by the judging panel not to put her Canito recycling bin project through.
Ramona's final words are those of rancho overseer Juan Canito, who proclaims:
Safe in the knowledge that she can enjoy the next three weeks regardless of how successful the Canito proves to be, Ms Al Sammak could be forgiven for thinking she had done the hard part in making it to the final 16.
However, this couldn't be further from the truth as the 25-year-old is confident that the Canito can challenge the other projects for a tilt at the $300,000 (BD113,400) top prize.
Currently, the different technical elements of Canito are coming together and I hope that the judges will like it and approve my concept.