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a candidate for a pair of wings

euphemism One who will die soon. This phrase can refer to one who is literally about to die or to one who behaves recklessly. His prognosis isn't good. It sounds like he's a candidate for a pair of wings at this point. If you don't wear your helmet at the skate park, you're a candidate for a pair of wings.
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look like a candidate for a pair of wings

euphemism To look like one who is likely or about to die soon. I just saw my Uncle Michael. He's gotten so frail and sickly—he looks like a candidate for a pair of wings, if I'm honest. I'm sure I looked like a candidate for a pair of wings with how ill I was, but thankfully I've been feeling much better lately.
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*candidate for a pair of wings

Euph. someone who is likely to die; someone who is close to death. (Jocular. *Typically: be ~; look like ~.) Whenever Jane wants to cross the street, she just walks out into traffic without looking. She's a candidate for a pair of wings, I say. Tom: How's Bill doing? I heard he was sick. Jane: Not good, I'm afraid. He looks like a candidate for a pair of wings.
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look like a candidate for a pair of wings Go to a

candidate for a pair of wings.
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This study describes a partnership and reading activity between a university professor and an elementary teacher which was designed to enhance the learning experience for elementary students and teacher candidates enrolled in a content reading course.
But John Kerry was hardly an ideal candidate, and he made plenty of bad choices without Shrum's help.
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The remainder of the report is just as startling: Of the 275 respondents who conduct criminal record checks, 48 percent stated they sometimes detect a criminal history; 41 percent out of 279 who check former job responsibilities have found that candidates sometimes stretch the truth about their duties.
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One Catholic author, Father Andrew Greeley, immediately published a column claiming that Cardinal Ratzinger's "proportionate reasons" justified voting for candidates who may be pro-abortion but who are in harmony with Catholic teaching on economic social justice issues.
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