cancel Christmas

cancel (one's) Christmas

slang To kill someone. As soon as that guy becomes a liability, I'll get Ray to cancel his Christmas, no problem.
See also: cancel, Christmas

cancel someone's Christmas

Sl. to kill someone; to destroy someone. (Underworld or jocular; the idea is that the dead person will not live until Christmas.) If he keeps bugging me, I'm gonna cancel his Christmas. Willie threatened to cancel Richard's Christmas if Richard didn't pay up.
See also: cancel, Christmas
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In the festive not-special, Miranda's posh bossy mum Penny is attempting to cancel Christmas for Miranda and force her on a detox if she doesn't sort her life out.
He was a bit worried when she told him that she'd been forced to cancel Christmas because she's got no cash left.
In the show he is helped by actor and singer Russ Spencer as Joe, chief of the elves, but is battling with former EastEnders actress Anita Dobson as the Ice Queen who wants to cancel Christmas.
Their desperate wait for news has continued but Bernadette Cook, 56, said: "In a situation like this you feel you have to carry on because that's what Bernie would want - we can't just say cancel Christmas.
It's always a white-knuckle ride," he says, "but I don't think people will cancel Christmas.
I had to cancel Christmas for myself last year to concentrate on preparing for the fight,'' said Jamie, who was joined by girlfriend Nicola and sons Jackson, three, and Tyler, one, in his belated celebrations.
Cancel Christmas 2008 so by the time December '09 rolls around, we're all giddy with excitement and stand a chance of actually enjoying it.
QPR boss Ian Holloway has vowed to make Plymouth pay for having to cancel Christmas with his family.
SO Rev Swan wants to cancel Christmas (ECHO, November 23).
FP: I wouldn't cancel Christmas, Stan, I'd ban all presents to anyone over 21.
Now, you can't cancel Christmas, and I think when Harry said it he just meant he had cancelled his own day.
The Special One may not be at his happiest this season, but at least he ain't gonna cancel Christmas.
And, if you don't let your hair down here, well, frankly, you may as well cancel Christmas.