can't stand the pace

can't stand/take the pace

to be unable to do things well when you are under a lot of pressure If he can't stand the pace he shouldn't be doing the job - it's as simple as that.
See set the pace
See also: pace, stand
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But if Lubo feels he can't stand the pace he'll use a get-out clause which allows him to retire from football on the spot, giving up the chance of Champions League action, the chance to help the Hoops retain the SPL title and around pounds 700,000 from wages and bonuses.
Sasha Haggra has trouble holding on to men - because she just can't stand the pace.
He should shut up and go back to Italy if he can't stand the pace here.
There's a new motto on the Tour: If you can't stand the pace, get out of contention.
Her husband Mick is leaving because he can't stand the pace.
However, if his legs can't stand the pace of the top flight he's likely to hang up his boots.
As for those teachers who feel that they don't get management support or can't stand the pace in schools, do something else
But this story about a little boy's big ideas regarding the world around him just can't stand the pace.
But don't worry, there are gentler rides in the park too if you can't stand the pace.
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