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big man on campus

Sl. an important male college student. (Often derisive or jocular.) Hank acts like such a big man on campus. Let some big man on campus do the dirty work for a change.
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*off campus

not located or present on the grounds of a college or university. (*Typically: be ~; live ~; move~.) Tom has an apartment off campus. The dean is off campus and cannot be reached.
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on campus

located or being on the grounds of a college or university. Do you live on campus or off campus? I don't think that Lisa is on campus right now.
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big man on campus

n. an important male college student. (See more examples at BMOC.) Hank acts like such a big man on campus!
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big woman on campus

n. an important female college student. (See more examples at BWOC.) Helen acts like such a big woman on campus!
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We handle all types of crimes on these campuses,'' said team leader Deputy John Rush, ``but having a deputy on each campus working with security staff has allowed us to get more information on those crimes than we would working alone.
Many campuses have plans that consider these resources and service-learning opportunities.
Hart Union High School District, where four campuses are planning to spend their awards.
When comparing the survey findings year over year, Sperling found significant progress and innovation in wireless network deployments - on campuses large and small, at state universities and private schools, at technical institutions and liberal arts colleges.
Still, no school is immune from the level of violence surrounding it, said Ronald Stephens, executive director of the National School Safety Center in Westlake Village, which helps campuses improve safety.
Six housing trends are now driving the college admissions market, and becoming true differentiators for campuses looking for a competitive edge, say the experts in this space.
The UC campuses are under orders from the Board of Regents to dismantle the university's racially based affirmative action admissions system.
More pressing to the UC system than the Merced project is fixing and upgrading the existing nine campuses.
The new website will give us an opportunity to see how an individual architect modified designs for various campuses or perhaps used a specific design on multiple campuses.
While individual campuses may be served by just one or two staff members, the membership rolls of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association count men and women in nearly equal number.
This design competition is an exciting and effective way to bring together many of the best minds in architecture and design to transform the College Avenue campus into one of the finest campuses in the nation," McCormick said.
The district has two other new campuses opening this year: Palmdale Learning Plaza near the Antelope Valley Freeway and Avenue R and Los Amigos School at 66th Street East and Avenue R-8.
The paper outlines the plan designed at the twenty-two campuses of the California State University, and details ways in which any university or college can develop an effective strategic plan for CSL.
All that's different, he says, "is that it's happening on college campuses.
And then there are a few campuses, like the New College Santa Rosa Campus in California, devoted entirely to creating a new model of sustainable living.