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big man on campus

A very well-known and influential male student, usually in college. The phrase can be used derisively, especially when aimed at someone deemed conceited. All the girls swooned as the big man on campus walked by on his way to football practice. Jake acts as if he's the big man on campus, but none of the popular kids actually know who he is. We'll definitely get into this party if we're with the big man on campus!
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big man on campus

Sl. an important male college student. (Often derisive or jocular.) Hank acts like such a big man on campus. Let some big man on campus do the dirty work for a change.
See also: big, campus, man, on

*off campus

not located or present on the grounds of a college or university. (*Typically: be ~; live ~; move~.) Tom has an apartment off campus. The dean is off campus and cannot be reached.
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on campus

located or being on the grounds of a college or university. Do you live on campus or off campus? I don't think that Lisa is on campus right now.
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big man on campus

n. an important male college student. (See more examples at BMOC.) Hank acts like such a big man on campus!
See also: big, campus, man, on

big woman on campus

n. an important female college student. (See more examples at BWOC.) Helen acts like such a big woman on campus!
See also: big, campus, on, woman
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CSU's 23rd campus, located on the grounds of the former Camarillo State Hospital, will provide state-of-the-art programs in a historic setting and scenic natural environment when classes begin Aug.
Last year, the company created informational spots for campus customers affected by Hurricane Katrina.
The result is a campus that offers a more collegial environment.
Initial enrollment at the Palmdale campus would be about 3,000 students.
Indeed, entrepreneurship is fast becoming the hottest ticket on campus with the demand for entrepreneurship education growing exponentially in the past few decades.
Our students are getting younger; they are really looking for a four-year college experience on a two-year college campus.
Campus officials also hope the dorms will enhance the school's appeal among international and out-of-state students, who pay higher tuition fees than California students.
It really puts a heavy emphasis on our need to meet students' needs," says Cam Schauf, director of Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations.
Anaya Simmons, 21, was concurrently taking classes offered by the Channel Islands campus and the CSUN off-campus center.
I've been a part of the Campus Apartments team for a number of years and am thrilled with the evolution of my role here," said Bernstein.
Thanks to encouragement during the planning phases from Jones Lang, the Georgia Tech team agreed to more its campus bookstore to Technology Square.
The 23 institutions responding to an informal University Business survey about the CIC HCAP indicate that the site is already being put to good use, for: campus planning; promoting a school's presence to prospective students and staff as well as to alumni; sharing campus buildings' histories with the public; and seeing work by particular architectural design firms.
Something good is happening at SMU and in the more than 1,200 Catholic campus ministry programs in colleges and universities across the country.
Corporate Campus at Forrestal Center, announced the first building of the Princeton Corporate Campus, located at 1100 Campus Road in Princeton, New Jersey, has been completed.
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